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標題: Research and Development of a Poultry Multivalent Vaccine Using Fowl Poxvirus as a Vector
作者: 李龍湖
關鍵字: 應用研究;Newcastle disease (virus), infectious bursal disease (virus), fowl poxvirus,chicken IL-12, recombinant fowl poxvirus, vaccine;生物技術, 畜牧獸醫類;新城病(毒);華氏囊病(毒);禽痘(毒);雞細胞素IL-12;重組禽痘毒;疫苗
This is an expanded research proposal from our previous project. Birds infected withNewcastle disease virus (NDV) or infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) always exhibit anacute disease with high mortality, resulting in a tremendous economic losses. In addition tocause an important infectious disease of the birds, fowl poxvirus (FPV) contains a hugegenomic DNA. Theoretically, FPV genome will accept many foreign target genes, but do notinterfere its genome replication. Thus, serval interest foreign genes can be inserted into thenonessential genes of FPV NDA and these recombinant FPV may be used for the candidatesfor the preparation of bivalent or multivalent vaccine for poultry industry. At this point, thisresearch proposal is to develop divalent or trivalent recombinant FPV which carriesIBDV(VP2) in divalent recombinant FPV, or carries NDV(HN) and IBDV(VP2) in trivalentFPV. Simultaneously, all recombinant FPV carry the IL-12 which will function as theadjuvant. A total of one and half year for this expanded research proposal will be appliedfrom August 1, 2007 to December 31, 2008. To continue and expand the results that theFPV-IBDV(VP2) divalent recombinant FPV has been successfully constructed from ourprevious works, this expanded project will follow the experiences of our previous works onthe FPV-IBDV(VP2) recombinant FPV to construct FPV-IBDV(VP2)-NDV(HN)-IL-12recombinant FPV. After plaque purification, expressed viral RNA and proteins of IBD(VP2),NDV(HN) and IL-12 identification, and viral growth characterization are carried out,recombinant virus will be tested for its vaccinity in SPF birds, including antibody production,gross lesions, the presence of IBDV(VP2) in bursa tissues, lymphoblast transformation (CMI),and challenge using a virulent NDV or IBDV strain. Based on the data obtained from SPFbirds, field trails will be done on the commercially raising birds for the evaluation of thistrivalent vaccine. This will clue in 3 poultry farms of each of broilers, broiler-breeders, andegg-producing birds, respectively.

本計畫為一延續性計畫。由於雞新城病 (ND) 和傳染性華氏囊病 (IBD) 為家禽重要傳染病。當雞罹患時,常引起急性高死亡率而導致養禽業者嚴重的經濟損失。而禽痘 (FP)除為一種家禽傳染病外,其巨大基因體DNA,理論上可以承載許多外來基因片段,而不會影響到禽痘毒 (FPV) 本身的增殖。因此,可將許多外來有用的基因片段嵌入FPV非必需基因中,製造成以FPV 為載體的二價或多價重組禽痘毒疫苗。針對這種可能性,本計畫擬將新城病毒HN 基因,華氏囊病VP2 基因,及雞細胞IL-12 基因同時嵌入FPVDNA 中,研發帶有IBDV(VP2)或NDV(HN)-IBDV(VP2) 之二價或三價重組禽痘毒疫苗。本延續性計畫擬申請自96 年8 月1 日至97 年12 月31 日止,計一年又5 個月。延續上階段成果,成功製造FPV-IBDV(VP2)重組毒構築經驗,將NDV(HN)基因及IL-12基因嵌入FPV-IBDV(VP2) 重組FPV 基因體非必需基因PC-1 中, 構築成含有IBDV(VP2)-NDV(HN)-IL-12 之三價重組載體疫苗,構築之重組FPV 經斑點純化、IBDV(VP2)、NDV(HN)及IL-12 基因表現RNA 及蛋白鑑定、生長特性測定等特性分析後,進一步於SPF 雞隻進行免疫評估試驗,包括抗體分析、肉眼病變、華氏囊中IBDV(VP2)檢測、淋巴球增生試驗(CMI)及攻毒試驗等。依試驗室SPF 雞隻試驗結果,再進行田間飼養雞隻試驗,包括肉雞、蛋雞及種雞場各3 場,進行田間效力評估試驗。
其他識別: NSC96-2317-B005-017
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