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標題: 建立以無感染性、高專一性類病毒顆粒的西尼羅病毒ELISA血清學檢驗方法
Development of ELISA Assay to Detect Antibodies in Sera against West Nile Virus Using Non-Infectious and Cross-Reactive Reduced Virus-Like Particle
作者: 張天傑
關鍵字: 應用研究;West Nile Virus;畜牧獸醫類;西尼羅病毒;類病毒顆粒;酵素免疫連結法;Virus-like Particle;Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Asay
西尼羅熱(West Nile Fever)為西尼羅病毒(West Nile virus; WNV)所引起,WNV經由在「蚊子」循環而存於環境中。此病毒由家蚊傳播,可感染人、禽鳥及馬匹等動物,為一人畜共通傳染病。感染之病毒血症(Viremia)約可持續7天,而後即需賴血清學方法檢驗。美國疾病管制中心(CDC)於流行初期依血清學結果,將此疫情誤判為聖路易斯腦炎,原因是黃病毒(flaviviruses)間會有抗體交叉反應。台灣環境適合此病毒的傳播,而動物中亦有日本腦炎的流行,為有效監控此病毒是否傳入台灣,除建立抗原診斷外,亦須建立專一性高的血清檢驗法。本研究擬解決問題為: (1) 建立並測試以無感染性、高專一性西尼羅病毒類病毒顆粒(viral-like particle)的ELISA檢驗法; (2) 以此法監控台灣地區鳥類及馬匹是否被WNV感染,並與日本腦炎病毒加以區分。

West Nile fever, a zoonotic disease, is caused by West Niles Virus (WNV). The transmission of WNV between birds, horses and humans is mediated by vector mosquitoes and is associated with the density of infected mosquitoes in a given area. The period of viremia resulted from infection of WNV lasts approximately seven days and beyond this stage the diagnosis of WNV mainly relies on serology methods. WNV is classified in the Japanese encephalitis antigenic complex of the yellow fever family. Members of the complex share similar antigens, leading to cross- reactivity in serological tests and difficulties in identification. Medically important diseases caused by other members of this group include yellow fever (YF), Japanese encephalitis (JE), dengue, and St Louis encephalitis (SLE) etc. As the subtropical climate of Taiwan is suitable for the transmission of WNV and the endemic outbreaks of JE occurred annually; surveillances of WNS requires highly specific serology diagnostic methods. The aims of this study are several folds: (1) preparation of non-infectious viral-like particle (VLP) for establishing the ELISA test that is highly specific to WNV (2) Surveillances of WNV by means of ELISA to analyze sera collected from wild birds and horses in Taiwan.
其他識別: 96農科-14.6.1-檢-B7(1)
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