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標題: 建立Multiplex RT-PCR及NS1非結構性蛋白以在感染早期偵測西尼羅病毒
Development of Multiplex Rt-Pcr and Ns1 Elisa Assay for Early Detection of West Nile Virus Infection
作者: 張天傑
關鍵字: 畜牧獸醫類;應用研究
西尼羅熱(West Nile Fever)為西尼羅病毒(West Nile virus; WNV)所引起,WNV經由「蚊子」叮咬環境中的脊椎動物而存在於大自然中,形成一enzoonotic cycle,有時病毒有機會進入人類的居住環境,而造成所謂的epizoonotic cycle。此病毒藉由家蚊傳播,可感染人、禽鳥及豬或馬匹等動物,為一重要之人畜共通傳染病。感染之病毒血症(Viremia)約可持續7天,而後即需依賴血清學方法檢驗。美國疾病管制中心(CDC)於流行初期依血清學結果,將此疫情誤判為聖路易斯腦炎,原因是黃病毒(flaviviruses)間會有抗體交叉反應。台灣環境適合此病毒的傳播,而動物中亦有日本腦炎的流行,為有效監控此病毒是否有機會藉由候鳥傳入台灣,有必要將偵測方法提前到感染的初期。故本研究擬: (1) 發展Multiplex RT-PCR系統,以監測台灣地區不同生態環境,包括候鳥棲息地附近的蚊子,是否帶有包括西尼羅病毒在內的黃病毒,以了解台灣地區候鳥是否被西尼羅病毒感染,並有機會將病毒傳入台灣。 (2) 利用偵測非結構性蛋白1(NS1)抗體,可將抗體偵測敏感度提早到感染後的第三天,比起感染後第七天才能偵測到外套膜(E)之結構性蛋白要提早許多。嘗試建立非結構性蛋白1(NS1)之ELISA抗體檢測法,並與邱等人之前已發展的VLP ELISA方法,進行並列敏感度(parallel sensitivity)分析,找出篩檢的最佳策略。

West nile fever, which caused by West nile virus, is maintained in the environment as the enzootic cycle through the cycle of mosquito biting the vertebrate animals. The virus may enter the environment which human lives and cause the epidemic through the epizootic cycle. West nile virus, which is primarily transmitted by mosquito, is able to infect human, birds and horses and is an important zoonotic viruses. The viremia by infecting the west nile virus can last for about 7 days. After viremia, the infection can only be confirmed through serological diagnosis. In 1999, the epidemic of West nile viruses was mis-diagnosed as St. Louis encephalitis through serology because of the cross-reactivity of antibody raised among flavivirus. Taiwan, with the transmission of Japanese encephalitis virus, is the place suitable for transmission of West nile viruses. In order to monitor whether the virus could be imported into Taiwan through migrating birds with viremia, it is crucial to detect the viruses in the early phase of infection. This study intends to: (1) develop multiplex RT-PCR to monitor the mosquitoes in different ecological environment for understanding whether the viruses would be imported into Taiwan through migrating birds; (2) develop NS1 ELISA assay and compare the parallel sensitivity with the VLP ELISA assay developed by Chiou and Chang.
其他識別: 97農科-14.6.1-檢-B4(4)
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