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標題: 乳牛代謝性疾病致病因子及防治之研究
The Study of Etiology, Prevention, and Treatment of Metabolic Diseases in Dairy Cows
作者: 莊士德
關鍵字: 畜牧獸醫類;應用研究

More bovine diseases are associated with postpartum than other periods in dairy cows. Postpartum diseases include reproductive and metabolic disorders, such as retained placenta, metritis, milk fever, ketosis, displaced abomasum, and laminitis et al. Our objectives of this study were to investigate the types and prevalence of these metabolic diseaeses and to analyze the interrelationships and effected factors of diseases in dairy cows in Taiwan.
其他識別: 97農科-14.2.1-檢-B1(23)
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