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標題: 比較台灣水鹿與進口鹿茸粉對改善腎陽虛動物模式之研究
Comparsion of Taiwan and Imported Deer Antlers on the Sexual Dysfunction Rat Model Induced by Adenine
作者: 林永昌
關鍵字: 應用研究;Deer Antler;畜牧獸醫類;鹿茸;腎陽虛;腺嘌呤;Sexual Dysfunction (Shenyangxu);Adenine
本計畫擬給予不同劑量台灣水鹿茸粉級進口冷凍鹿茸粉,比較其對腺嘌呤雄性大鼠腎陽虛動物模式性腺功能及結構損傷的調整作用,並尋找在此動物模式下的最佳配伍劑量比例以改善其性功能。實驗使用100隻8週齡雄性SD大鼠,體重約300克,連續灌食腺嘌呤4週造成腎損傷所致腎陽虛動物模式後,依其體重隨機分成對照組3組及持續每天餵食台灣水鹿茸粉及進口冷凍鹿茸粉四週及八週各0.05 g/kg及0.1g/kg8組,總共10組,每組100隻。與對照組相較,觀察餵食鹿茸粉後各組大鼠表徵、血清睪固酮濃度、前列腺和精囊重量指數、睪丸組織形態的變化,比較各給藥組的藥效差別。

To elucidate the regulating effects of different dosages of Taiwan deer antler on the sexual dysfunction model of the gonad and the structure of shenyangxu male rats induced by adenine.100 male SD rats, 8 weeks old and weighing about 300 g, after consistent oral adenine administration for four weeks, then all will be randomly assigned to 10 groups: control groups, model group with 0.05 g/kg and 0.1 g/kg deer antler powder treatment for four and eight weeks. To compare and investigate all groups' exterior syndrome, serum testosterone, weight index of the prostate and seminal vesicle, and testis tissue morphological changes at different course of oral native or imported antler administration.
其他識別: 97農科-2.1.2-牧-U1(5)
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