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標題: 傳染性華氏囊病/新城病/禽痘三價載體疫苗研發
Development of Infectious Bursal Disease/Newcastle Disease/Fowlpox Trivalent Vector Vaccine
作者: 李龍湖
關鍵字: 應用研究;Fowlpox Virus;畜牧獸醫類;禽痘毒;載體疫苗;傳染華氏囊病;新城病;Vector Vaccine;Infectious Bursal Disease Virus;Newcastle Disease Virus
本計畫擬研發以禽痘毒(FPV)為載體攜帶傳染性華氏囊病(IBDV) VP2基因及新城病(NDV) HN基因之三價載體疫苗(rFPV-VP2/HN)。此外,擬於三價疫苗FPV基因體中再嵌入雞細胞素IL-12或IL-18製成rFPV-VP2/HN/IL-12或rFPV-VP2/HN/IL-18之三價載體疫苗。目前,我們已構築完成rFPV-VP2/HN三價疫苗,並先以肌肉注射免疫SFP雞隻,於3月17日進行攻毒。初步結果顯示NDV HI抗體反應佳,而IBDV中和抗體尚待測定。雞華氏囊保護結果將於3月20日進行屍體解剖,肉眼病變檢查及組織切片製作觀察。此外,含有IL-12或IL-18基因之rFPV-VP2/HN,目前已進行第三代斑點純化。待純化及鑑定分析後,利用三種重組疫苗分別進行SPF雞隻翼膜穿刺試驗,評估三價疫苗之免疫效力,並比較含IL-12或IL-18之重組疫苗是否有促進免疫反應效果。

This research proposal is to develop a trivalent fowlpox virus (FPV) vector vaccine which carries infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) VP2 gene and Newcastle disease virus (NDV) HN gene (rFPV-VP2/HN). In addition, chicken IL-12 or IL-18 gene will be inserted into rFPV-VP2/HN to generate two additional trivalent vaccines which consist of IL-12 gene (rFPV-VP2/HN/IL-12) or IL-18 gene (rFPV-VP2/HN/IL-18). At the presence, the rFPV-VP2/HN has been successfully constructed in our laboratory, and its efficacy has been evaluated on March 17 by inoculating, intramuscularly, into SPF birds. Preliminary results indicates that there is a good HI antibody response to NDV. Tests for neutralizing antibody against IBDV is not carried out yet. Bursal protection from vvIBDV challenge will be examined on March 20, including necropsy, gross lesion and histological examination. Additionally, rFPV-VP2/HN which includes IL-12 or IL-18 has been plaque-purified three times. After purification and characterization of the above three vaccines, each vaccine will be used to vaccinate SPF birds through wing puncture for the valuation of efficacy and enhancement by IL-12 or Il-18.
其他識別: 97農科-1.2.1-科-aE
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