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標題: 以Nested PCR檢測牛焦蟲病及牛壁蝨防治方法之研究
Application of Nested PCR to Detect Bovine Babesiosis and Control of Cattle Tick
作者: 莊士德
關鍵字: 應用研究;Babesiosis;畜牧獸醫類, 生物技術;焦蟲病;壁蝨;巢式聚合?鏈鎖反應;牛;Tick;Nested Polymerase Chanin Reaction;Cattle
牛焦蟲症(Bovine babesiosis)是牛隻非常重要的壁蝨媒介性疾病,在熱帶及亞熱帶國家造成非常嚴重的經濟損失。造成牛焦蟲症主要的焦蟲種類包括:B. bovis及B. bigemina並主要是由壁蝨所傳播,本試驗目的擬以巢式聚合酶鏈鎖反應方法調查台牛隻焦蟲感染情形及訂定牧場焦蟲症與壁蝨防治策略,工作項目包括採集牛血液樣品、鑑定硬蜱並萃取其DNA,以PCR偵測牛焦蟲以及壁蝨防治等。預期可以調查目前台灣牛焦蟲感染情形並治療以及減少牛隻感染壁蝨疫情。

Bovine babesiosis and anaplasmosis are important tick-borne diseases that results in economic losses in tropical and subtropical regions. The two most important species of Babesia in cattle are B. bovis and B. bigemina which are mainly transmitted by some species of Rhipicephalus genus ticks. The purposes of this experiment are to investigate the babesiosis in cattle in Taiwan and to provide the strategy to control babesiosis and tick infestation. The main works include to collect cattle blood and tick samples as well as to extract their DNA, to detect pathogen of Babesia with nested PCR, and to control tick infestation. We expect a comprehension of prevalence of cattle babesiosis and tick infestation in Taiwan.
其他識別: 98農科-9.2.4-檢-B1(15)
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