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標題: Triazine衍生物在雞之口服藥物動力學及組織殘留研究
Oral Pharmacokinetic and Tissue Residue Studies of Triazine and Its Derivatives in Chicken
作者: 周濟眾
關鍵字: 應用研究;畜牧獸醫類, 藥學, 食品科技;Triazine;三?類;蛋雞;殘留;Layer chicken;Residue
自三聚氰氨(melamine)事件以來,Triazine類衍生物在動物之使用及其所產生之melamine代謝產物已成為目前備受矚目之畜產品安全衛生問題。cyromazine其結構與三聚氰胺類似,為國內動物用藥品核准使用於蛋雞及種雞之成份,用於控制蒼蠅之幼蟲(蛆),不需停藥期,且不會產生抗藥性,但其代謝所產生之可能中間產物之ㄧ即為melamine。雖然一般研究指出melamine之急毒性並不高,對實驗大鼠的半數致死劑量超過3000 ppm; melamine及其代謝產物之慢性腎臟毒性亦需於長時間暴露於高劑量(ppm)或與其他Triazine類(cyanuric acid)併存時,風險才會提高。然而,民眾對於melamine微量殘留的恐懼,在媒體推波助瀾之下卻早已凌駕科學証據解釋的理性範疇。即使基於極低的毒性風險,美國EPA在1999年建議剔除cyromazine使用後之melamine殘留檢測;有關單位仍有解除民眾對於melamine微量殘留疑慮之必要,應了解melamine在食物鏈中的累積與殘留情形,避免民眾對安全、合法的畜產品產生不必要的誤解與恐懼。本計劃擬依合法建議劑量5 ppm口服給予cyromazine於雞隻,評估melamine 、cyromazine及其結構類似物在蛋雞組織內、包括血液、肌肉、蛋白及蛋黃之代謝和殘留動力學。研究之架構包括最佳化可鑑定melamine, cyanuric acid以及cyromazine之萃取及分析方法,分析其在飼料、肉及蛋基質中之檢量綫及定量極限,再依合法建議劑量單一或混合melamine後,評估melamine 及cyromazine在蛋雞代謝和殘留動力學。本計劃之提出旨在未雨籌繆,釐清於常規、合法之使用情況下,Triazine類衍生物cyromazine經動物(蛋雞)代謝後所產生之melamine及其結構類似物之藥物動力學,探討其產量、殘留量與時間之關係;以期在必要時提供科學數據減輕消費者之疑慮,同時,提供有關單位檢討cyromazine在單獨及併用情形下其雞隻之現有停藥期是否合適。

The outbreak of pet food associated nephrotoxicosis and baby milk powder products and cream materials contaminated by melamine have aroused significant awareness of melamine food safety. The fear of involuntary melamine consumption is quickly spreading to the world causing thousands of milk-associated products withdrawn from the manufacturer. Cyromazine is a structural analog of melamine that is used both as veterinary drug and pesticide for fly control. Although cyromazine is generally considered as a safe and effective chemical which can be quickly eliminated from the body mostly as the parent compound, the fact that it is metabolized into melamine has prompt concerns regarding its use in food animals. The main purpose of this study is to understand the pharmacokinetics of cyromazine in lay chicken after oral recommended dosage. The residual levels of cyromazine as well as melamine in muscle tissues and eggs are of special interest. Standard method to analyze and structurally identify triazine analogs (including melamine, cyanuric acid, and cyromazine) will be validated along with the extraction procedure developed for triazine in tissues. Cyromazine will be then given to lay chicken by oral route with or without the presence of minute amount of melamine. Analysis of Pharmacokinetic parameters will be performed with WINONLIN software. The completion of this research will provide critical information regarding the tissue residue level and time of triazine analogs in chicken such that the current regulation of use of cyromazine in chicken could be reevaluated.
其他識別: 98農科-9.2.2-檢-B1(4)
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