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標題: 以小鼠模式探討乳鐵蛋白與炎症相關慢性疾病之研究
Study of Lactoferrin and Inflammation Related Chronic Diseases by Using Mouse Models
作者: 毛嘉洪
關鍵字: 基礎研究;Lactoferrin;畜牧獸醫類, 藥學;乳鐵蛋白;發炎;慢性疾病;小鼠;Inflammation;Chronic diseases;Mouse
研究指出,許多人類的慢性疾病與發炎反應有關,這些慢性疾病包括脂肪性肝病、動脈粥狀硬化、癌症、過敏、關節炎及自體免疫疾病等。而發炎反應又可使乳鐵蛋白的表現快速上升。利用乳鐵蛋白攜帶微量元素的能力,預估可有效的緩解與炎症相關之慢性疾病。因此,本研究將利用高脂飼糧與leptin 路徑基因缺陷誘發胰島素阻抗及肥胖小鼠模式,探討給予外源性乳鐵蛋白與微量元素對脂肪肝與發炎反應等之作用。利用藥物及手術引發發炎相關併發病症,探討乳鐵蛋白與微量元素對肝硬化與發炎反應之作用。利用皮下接種CT-26 腫瘤細胞小鼠探討乳鐵蛋白與微量元素對發炎作用與腫瘤細胞生長的影響。利用ApoE 缺陷小鼠B6.129P2- Apoetm1Unc/J 探討乳鐵蛋白與微量元素對發炎作用與動脈粥狀硬化之功效與學習之作用。期望能進一步瞭解乳鐵蛋白與炎症相關慢性疾病之微妙關係。

Chronic inflammation is associated with many chronic human diseases,including fatty liver disease, atherosclerosis, cancer, allergy, arthritis andautoimmune diseases. Inflammation response can induced an acute expressionof lactoferrin in several metabolic tissues. By utilizing the ability of lactoferrinof carrying trace elements, it is expected that certain chronic diseases could bealleviated. In the present study, high fat diet or leptin pathway defected modelswill used to explore the correlation with inflammation, insulin resistance andfatty liver. Drug induced or surgery rodent models will used to examine thecorrelation with inflammation and liver cirrhosis. Mouse bearing CT-26 colontumor cells will used to research the correlation with inflammation and coloncancer. B6.129P2-Apoetm1Unc/J mouse will used to probe the correlation withinflammation, atherosclerosis, and learning. The delicate relationship betweenlactoferrin and inflammation related chronic disease is expected to investigatein this study.
其他識別: NSC98-2313-B005-018
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