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標題: 抗菌胜太之開發與應用
作者: 董光中
關鍵字: 應用研究;hornet;生物技術, 畜牧獸醫類;虎頭蜂;虎頭蜂蜂毒蛋白;飼料添加劑;抗微生物;胜?;antimicrobial;polypeptide;mastoparan
虎頭蜂蜂毒蛋白(mastoparan)為14 個胺基酸所組成之小分子胜肽,目前已知mastoparan 具有抗細菌、病毒及抗腫瘤生長之特性,又該胜肽對於抑菌作用具有選擇性(針對革蘭氏陰性菌或陽性菌)。有鑑於目前抗生素在人醫及獸醫方面的廣泛使用,具有多重抗藥性菌株種類愈來愈多,利用小分子胜肽併用抗生素之使用以達到有益之協同作用已為未來發展的目標。本計畫將使用台灣產黃腰虎頭蜂(Vespa affinis)蜂毒蛋白具有抗菌活性之mastoparan 以真核系統表現,以期最佳之大量表現方法,後將已製成之mastoparan 進行動物試驗並評估mastoparan 抗菌及其保護效果,期以產品用於疾病防治與飼料添加劑之應用。

The mastoparan isolated from the venom of hornets is a small polypeptide containing14 amino acids, which has been proven having selective antimicrobial (Gram negative orpositive bacteria), antiviral and anti-tumor growth activity. Base on widespread using ofantibiotics in human and veterinary medicine, more and more bacteria has multipleantimicrobial activities and hard to be eliminated. Combination of using small polypeptideand common used antibiotics to reach synergistic effect is already became one of researchpurposes in antimicrobial therapy in future. In the purpose of the program, mastoparan(originally isolated from Vespa affinis in Taiwan) was expressed by using eukaryotic systemto reach the maximum expression method. In order to evaluate the antimicrobial andprotective activity of mastoparan, the expressed mastoparan was used in animal model andexpect the product could be used to disease treatment, prevention and further as an additive infeed.
其他識別: NSC98-2324-B005-014
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