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標題: 現行重要動物用藥品停藥期之檢討更新與統一停藥期機制之探討
Evaluation and Update on the Withdrawal Time of Currently Used Important Veterinary Drugs
作者: 周濟眾
關鍵字: 其他;Veterinary Drugs;畜牧獸醫類;動物用藥品;停藥期;最大殘留限量;Withdrawal time;Maximum residua level
藥物殘留標準是一個經常動態更新的資料庫。隨著分析方法之不斷進步及檢測極限之不斷提升,各國均對於禽畜水產食品之中之抗生素殘留標準不斷修正。有鑑於此,針對此一變動中的標準,應有機動性的了解和更新機制。國內二大相關主管機關農委會及衛生署各本權責,對於食品衛生安全標準歷年來雖時有修訂,但雙方對於所管理之藥物品目、殘留標準及停藥期的規範卻不見得完全一致,時而造成政策推動上的阻礙。本於施政一體之原則,本計劃擬就較常檢出之動物用藥品6-8種,比對其在動物用藥品資料庫(農委會)與動物用藥殘留標準(衛生署) 內針對不同動物、組織之停藥期及MRL是否相同,並與世界先進國家之資料比較。同時藉此對該些已核准許可証之動物用藥品停藥期做整理,期提供統一停藥期核准機制之建議

Information regarding maximum residue levels (MRL) and withdrawal times (WDT) are ongoing databases that updates comtinuously over time and in response to the improvement of analytical sensitivities. Therefore, understanding of the ever-changing library in different countries are necessary and important to the regulation of veterinary drug uses. The two major regulatory agencies supervising veterinary drug uses and food safety issues: Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine, Council of Agriculture, and Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health, Executive Yuan, each has its own policies governing the food safety standards associated with regulated drug lists, safety residual levels and withdrawal times. Since these data requires constant updating, before long differences in regulating levels started to occur between these two agencies. Therefore, it is necessary to reunite the standards set forth under one government. We plan to study 6-8 the most commonly detected drugs, comparing the MRL and WDT set in both agencies and relate them the currently used standard in the world. In addition, comparisons will be made for drugs made by different venders and relate to their WDT by species and dosage, such that a more appropriate and united WDT could be inplented.
其他識別: 99農科-9.2.3-檢-B2(5)
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