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標題: 2011伴侶動物人畜共通傳染病國際研討會
2011 International Conference of Zoonosis in Companion Animal Medicine
作者: 鄭豐邦
關鍵字: 其他;Zoonosis;畜牧獸醫類;人畜共通傳染病;獸醫醫學;伴侶動物;Veterinary Medicine;Companion Animal Medicine
2011伴侶動物人畜共通傳染病國際研討會,將分享與推廣台灣人畜共通疾病之防治經驗,並藉此了解中國大陸新興之人畜共通傳染病,進而推動改進兩岸防疫政策。首次舉辦之兩岸動物醫學國際研討會將可增進兩岸獸醫教育與醫療技術之了解,並可建立互信基礎,為大陸對台灣學位認證問題創造利基與共識。 兩岸動物醫學國際研討會將提高台灣獸醫專業在兩岸三地寵物臨床醫學及學術地位。期望建立台灣成為動物醫學研究與發展重鎮。 本國際研討會將於著名之國際勝景—日月潭舉辦,邀請美國、荷蘭、日本、台灣及中國,不同領域專長的資深專科講師,將提供給與會者一個優質環境的繼續教育及交流平台。

2011 International Conference of Zonosis in Companion Animal Medicine will be held at Taiwan, Fleur de Chine Hotel at Sun Moon Lake, November 15th -16th. To promote a national and international exchange of zoonotic knowledge and experience in companion animal medicine for small animal practitioners, veterinarians of cross straits are invited to attend this international conference, allowing practitioners to be infused in the mercurial sceneries of nature throughout the duration of the conference. A broad range of veterinary specialists around the world (USA, Dutch, Japan, Taiwan, China) are invited to be the speaker for the conference, which include more than 10 different themes of lectures. The conference activities are suggested to explore the beauty of Taiwan by joining diverse tours.
其他識別: 100農科-9.6.2-檢-B1(12)
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