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標題: 無線感測網路安全機制之研究
The Study of Privacy and Authentication for Wireless Sensor Networks
作者: 黃明祥
關鍵字: 基礎研究;Data compression;資訊工程硬體工程;感測網路;無線通訊;安全性;影像認證;資料壓縮;fault tolerance;image authentication;security;sensornetworks;wireless communication

Due to development of digitization, wireless communication has more and morepopularly used by people from every walk of life. In the past few years, manyexcellent studies on wireless sensor network schemes have been published and thisfield has been triggered by applications in domains as environmental monitoring,military, medical and even in our home. According to the above statement, we shallpropose efficient, practical, and secure wireless sensor networks.In the related researches, most of the wireless sensor networks operated on twoimportant considerations, power management and security issues, respectively. In theformer, when a sensor node is placed into some environment, it must workcontinuously few weeks even more than few months. Suppose its power is consumedheavily, the lifetime of wireless sensor network is shortened seriously. Therefore, thepower saving is one of the most important factor must be considered in wirelesssensor networks.Similarity, the security issues are the other important factor need to be addressedin wireless sensor networks. In order to prevent the malicious attacks such as replayattacks and impersonating attacks etc., some authentication mechanisms andencryption methods are used to this work. According to the above requirements, wewould try to design a secure, reliable and efficient system for future wireless sensornetwork by applying cryptographic techniques, secure routing protocols and theconcept of image authentication.
其他識別: NSC95-2221-E005-051-MY3
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