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標題: 新型低失真多媒體隱藏術之研究
Study on Novel Low Distortion Multimedia Steganographic Schemes
作者: 蔡垂雄
關鍵字: 應用研究;Information hiding;資訊科學軟體;資訊隱藏技術;數位浮水印技術;偽裝學技術;碎型浮水印技術;不重要位元取代技術;digital watermarking;image steganography;fragile watermarking;least-significant-bit substitution
資訊隱藏技術的研究已被廣泛地應用於隱蔽性通道技術研究、偽裝學技術研究、匿名技術研究和浮水印技術研究等。其中,偽裝學技術與浮水印技術研究,由於可以適用於各式各樣的數位多媒體訊號,因此更具有實用性與需求性。本計畫第一年期的研究方向,主要是針對灰階影像偽裝學技術提出一個全新的連鎖反應式LSBs 技術,此新技術可以改善目前許多現有技術的失真性。更進一步地,基於連鎖反應式LSBs 技術的嵌入方法,本研究計畫研發一個高效能的碎型浮水印技術,新技術除了在嵌入認證碼後其失真性比較少外,而且具有非常高地偵測準確性,相較於現有的碎型浮水印技術,其偵測錯誤的效能提高了不少。在本計畫第二年期的研究方向中,主要是將第一年所研發的連鎖反應式LSBs 技術,移植至其它各式各樣的數位多媒體訊號,以證明新研發的技術不僅能減少灰階影像的失真性,也減少其它數位多媒體訊號的失真性。本計畫的預期研究貢獻包括:(1)研發出一種全新的低失真性LSBs 技術,可以降低資訊隱藏技術所引起的失真幅度。(2)新研發的碎型浮水印技術,在偵測數位多媒體的內容是否有遭受破壞,其準確度非常地高。(3)新研發的技術,可以適用任何一種數位多媒體訊號。

Information hiding is a significant and popular research issue due to its application includes many topics such as cover channels, steganography, anonymity and copyright marking. Among of them, there are many technical literatures of steganography and watermarking to be presented in the past ten years because steganography and watermarking can be suitable for various digital multimedia signals. Therefore, the major research directions of this proposal focus on the steganography and watermarking techniques.In this proposal, a novel approach of low distortion information hiding schemes is presented. First, we present a chain reaction of LSBs method to hide secret data into the gray-level image in which the distortion can be reduced while the secret data are hidden. Based on chain reaction of LSBs method, we design a novel and high efficient fragile watermarking for gray-level images. The expected performances of the proposed schemes are better than those of many existing steganographic and watermarking techniques.In addition, the proposed scheme is also suitable for other kinds of digital multimedia besides the gray-level images. Consequently, we will take the binary images, palette images and JPEG images as the research objects to develop the corresponding steganographic and watermarking techniques, respectively. The distortion of these images also can be reduced with using the proposed novel chain reaction of LSBs method.There are three contributions of this proposal: (1) The novel embedding algorithm can preserve the content of digital multimedia from critical destroy. (2) The novel fragile watermarking scheme can accurate search the malicious tampered locations. (3) The proposed scheme can be applied to various kinds of digital multimedia.
其他識別: NSC96-2628-E005-008-MY2
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