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標題: 應用於瘧疾病原蟲生物辨識系統之研究與建立
Study on Plasmodium Biological Recognition System
作者: 蔡孟勳
關鍵字: 資訊科學軟體;應用研究

Malaria is spread by anopheles, and it is caused by Plasmodium. In order tocure this disease, medical instruments and techniques are used to assist doctorsfor diagnosis and analysis. In recent years, image processing is extensivelyapplied to medical fields to assist doctors and pathologists for analyzingpathological sections and further diagnosing the disease. The purpose of thisproject is to develop an image technique for Plasmodium images which canhelp us to obtain Plasmodium object and recognize the types of Plasmodium.This technique will be further applied to develop a practical diagnostic system.This project will be performed for two years. In the first year, we will proposean image processing scheme to retrieve and segment Plasmodium fromPlasmodium image. In the second year, an iteration image scheme will beproposed to recognize the types of Plasmodium. Due to the relative techniquesand researches of Plasmodium image segmentation and recognition both areonly a few, so this project would propose an image processing technique forPlasmodium images with precise recognizable ability even if the image qualityis poor. Furthermore, this project will also combine these techniques todevelop an image recognition system for Plasmodium which is also integratedwith biological experiments to provide an efficient and precise examinationand diagnosis for doctors and pathologists.
其他識別: NSC97-2221-E005-082
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