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標題: 高擬真度呈現及低門檻使用限制之開放型Web2.0數位典藏支援服務平台建置
The Development of a Web2.0 Site Intended to Enable a Facile and Realistic Digital Archives Platform
作者: 陳育毅
關鍵字: 基礎研究;Digital Archive;資訊科學軟體;數位典藏;Web 2;創意共享;Web 2;Creative Commons
數位典藏(Digital Archive)之目的是利用資訊技術為工具,把有價值或具代表性的自然生態與生活文化等資產以數位方式處理,加上詮釋資料(Metadata)的描述,將檔案以數位化的形式儲存與維護,透過無遠弗界的網路做為媒介,提供社會大眾查閱典藏文物相關資訊的管道。因此為了達到上述目的,各類型的數位典藏網站,都希望朝向呈現最接近實際環境、實體樣貌的擬真方式,但是我們發現其典藏內容的製作成本相當可觀,且建置內容皆缺少普及化與平民化的具體成果。是故,本計畫中,將發展一種使用技術門檻低、友善的介面(User-friendly)的數位典藏工具,並將設立一個開放的Web2.0 平台,讓任何人都可以使用這個平台容易產出高擬真度呈現的典藏內容,能夠有機會投入各類型資源的數位典藏,並引用到自己的網站或部落格。同時,此平台會加入社群的經營,利用適當的評比制度來讓社群更為活絡,提高使用與分享的頻率。另外,平台更鼓勵在此平台上製作數位典藏作品的大眾能認同網路創作的新趨勢「創意共享(CreativeCommons, CC)」,藉由創意共享授權模式讓社會大眾在特定條件下能自由使用其他人的作品,或使得有更多人可以受惠於產出的創作結晶,進而促進文化與知識在資訊社會的傳遞,達到永續的數位典藏精神。

The goal of digital archive is to establish diverse digital contents that showcase thecultural, social and biological materials and then to provide easy access to the public viaInternet. In pursuit of the goal, all kinds of digital archive websites aim to present virtualenvironments and virtual objects they want to preserve. However, we discovered that the costof archiving those contents is considerable and that almost all the contents have to be createdby specific experts and academics. In this project, we will develop a web 2.0 site intended toenable a facile and realistic digital archives platform for everyone can easily create thecontent. The users of our website can embed the contents of certain archive creations to theirwebsite or blog. At the same time, the community which is an important factor of web 2.0will also involved. It will continuously team with online users to actively build and shareremarkable resources. Furthermore, the major spirit of this website is to encourage the userswho use our digital archive tool to acknowledge the developing trend - “Creative Commons”.It allows creators to communicate which rights they reserve, and which rights they waive forthe benefit of other creators. The sharing mechanism can facilitate to support individuals andgroups to experiment and communicate with culture more freely, and also can persist thesustainable development of digital archive.
其他識別: NSC98-2631-H005-001
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