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標題: 應用可逆式資訊隱藏技術於數位版權管理之影像認證系統
Image Authentication System for Digital Rights Mangement Mechanism Based on Reversible Information Hiding
作者: 蔡垂雄
關鍵字: 資訊科學軟體;應用研究
數位典藏是國家重點發展計畫之一,目的是將國家重要文物透過數位化與資訊化的方式,達到永久保存與易於存取的目的,使得文化的推廣與傳播更為方便。另一方面,由於電腦科技的快速發展,侵權與盜版的問題日益嚴重,而使得版權保護及內容驗證的技術受到重視,因此,數位浮水印技術與資料隱藏技術成為數位產權管理及影像認證的重要方法。近年來興起的可逆式資訊隱藏技術,可以改善傳統資訊隱藏產生的永久性失真,可逆式資訊隱藏除了可以取出藏入的資料外,還可以無失真的還原已經遭受到破壞的掩護媒體,如此,數位內容的資料將得以完整地保存,在一些重要的數位內容中,如醫療影像、藝術作品、軍事地圖和法律文件等非常有用。本計畫的預期研究貢獻有:(1)研發出兩種全新的可逆式資訊隱藏技術 (2)結合新研發的可逆式資訊隱藏技術與易碎型浮水印技術,應用此技術在影像認證中,除了能夠判斷影像是否遭受破壞外,更可以針對被破壞的區域進行還原。(3)所研發的可逆式影像認證技術可以適用於多種的數位內容上,如醫療影像、藝術作品、軍事地圖和法律文件等。

Digital Archives is one of the key development projects in ourcountry. Through digitization and information technology, the culturaland historical relics can be permanently preserved and easily accessed,which makes cultural and communication promotion more convenient.Moreover, with the rapid development of computer technology,infringement and piracy problems are getting worse. Copyrightsprotection and content verification receive increasing attention. Hence,digital watermarking and information hiding technologies becomeimportant tools of digital rights management and image authentication.Therefore, many technical literatures of reversible data hidingscheme, which may improve the permanent distortion problem oftraditional data hiding scheme, have been presented in the past ten years.It can not only extract hidden data, but restore the shaken cover mediawithout any loss. It is very useful for some applications, such as digitalmedical images in electronic patient records (EPRs), military maps, artspreserving and legal documents because any permanent distortionproduced by data hiding is not acceptable.The expected contributions are: (1) develop two new reversible datahiding technology (2) develop a reversible image authentication systemwhich combines reversible data hiding technology and fragilewatermarking technology. (3) The reversible image authenticationtechnology can be applied to a variety of digital content, such as medicalimaging, arts preserving, military maps and legal documents, etc.
其他識別: NSC98-2221-E005-066
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