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標題: 應用生物資訊學開發基因微陣列資料篩選及分析系統-以動物學習記憶實驗為例
Applying Bioninformatics to Develop a System That Can Filter and Analyze Microarray Data-Animal Learning and Memory Experiment as Case Study
作者: 蔡孟勳
關鍵字: 應用研究;Calcium channel;資訊科學軟體, 生物科學類;鈣離子通道;學習與記憶;微陣列;非監督式分群;類神經網路;基因調控網路;Learning and memory;Microarray;Unsupervisedclustering;Neural network;Gene regulatory network

Brain science research becomes popular with times because there are still many unknownparts in the human brain. The researchers hope to improve the operational efficiency ofhuman brains by predicting and developing these unknown regions by researching brainscience. Presently microarray is the most mature technology of studying disease-causinggenes, it is used to store and analyze numerous data and hoping to discover treatment methodsby finding the path of disease pathogenesis and target genes. This project will be performedfor two years. In the first year, we will propose to develop a system that can filter and analyzemicroarray data and we will establish graphical interfaces to use for users. In the second year,we will use the results obtained in the first year to do biological experiments to verify theaccuracy of the developed system in this project and significance in biology. The mainpurpose of this project is to use microarray to do experiments and analyze the mice's genesamples with different calcium channel phenotypes. We also use different mathematicalstatistical methods to filter possible target genes, and then we use different clustering methodsto view classifications of these target genes. As the amount of microarray data is quite large,and there isn't a systematic method to analyze these data yet. Therefore the system of thisproject can not only analyze data, but also reduce the time of biological experiment and errorto enhance the efficiency of drug development and cured rates of patients. Then besides theseselected target genes are used to research the treatments for brain diseases, it can also be usedin intellectual development works to enhance their learning effects.
其他識別: NSC99-2221-E005-067
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