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標題: 安全的衍生性P2P數位權管理商業模式之研究與實作
The Study of Secure Genetic P2P Drm Business Model and Implementation
作者: 楊朝成
關鍵字: 應用研究;Peer-to-Peer Networks;資訊工程硬體工程;點對點網路;數位版權管理;Digital Rights Management;DRM
由於資訊科技的普及促使了網際網路使用人數的快速成長,且通訊技術的提升間接形成了資訊共享互利的趨勢,網路上可得的數位檔案大幅增加,因此,需要一個有效率的交流平台以促使檔案快速流通。在現行的應用中,Peer-to-Peer (P2P) 網路其具有的分散式特性解決了傳統client-server 架構下檔案伺服器頻寬有限的問題,成為檔案分享的主流。然而,寬頻的普及、P2P 協定的成熟,許多未被授權重製、傳輸的檔案藉由非法架設的私人分享伺服器或P2P 網路快速散佈於網際網路上,盜版問題嚴重地傷害了數位內容著作人應得的智慧財產權益與其原有的市場潛在商機,更由於電子紙、電子書未來有蓬勃發展的高度可能性,保護著作人權益及分享通路利益問題是刻不容緩。有鑑於此,Digital Rights Management (DRM) 技術應運而生,但是,典型的DRM 系統適用於client-server 架構下的使用,授權伺服器難以實作於分散式的P2P 網路。雖然有學者提出了將DRM 與P2P 網路結合的模擬系統,然而當系統需要實際商業化時,使用者需要的不只是一個收費的P2P 軟體,系統必須有能力回應更多安全性的考驗,才能為使用者創造出可信賴的交易平台,讓著作人能安心地透過系統販售創作,而購買人能安心地進行交易獲取所需。本研究計畫預計開發一創新的衍生性P2P 數位權利管理機制,利用身份導向公鑰密碼系統滿足四項特性:1)原創者在系統上發佈的數位內容,將來購買者從衍生性P2P 系統上任何節點下載檔案後,檔案原創者可分配應得比例的收益,保障檔案原創者的智慧財產權。 2)P2P 網路倚賴所有節點的分享才能有效率地運作,因此對於提供加密內容的節點給予「衍生的回饋」,同時 3) 開發跨DRM 平台的版權保護機制改進市面商用DRM 系統的缺點。4) 並依資訊系統成功因素(Information System SuccessFactors) 導入設計開發及統計分析。

The popularization of information technology and the development of communicationtechnique had indirectly caused the information-sharing trends in Internet, and causing thenumber of available digital files has rapid growth. Therefore, Internet users need efficientways for prompting the speedy file-exchange. Peer-to-peer protocol has become the mainstream of file-sharing platform by means of its distributed features overcome the bottleneckproblem in traditional client-server architecture. However, many digital contents, e.g. e-books,which do not get permission to copy or deliver, are spread by private uploading server or P2Pnetwork. The piracy issue seriously hurts license owners' deserved profits and potentialmarket. For this reason, digital rights management (DRM) is a general preventive measure toavoid copyright infringement. But a conventional DRM system is suitable for onlyclient-server architecture. The license server is hard to implement on distributed P2P network.Although some researchers came up with simulated systems combining DRM with P2Pnetwork, for constructing a reliable transaction platform, the system must have the ability toovercome more secure threats, to convince license owners of the protection scheme for sellingtheir contents, as well as buyer purchasing on system.This research plan will develop a novel Secure P2P DRM Business Model, and designthe transaction procedures with all security requirements by identity-based cryptosystem. TheSecure P2P DRM Business Model provides four main features: 1)For protecting digital rights,after content owner publishing his files legally, he will receive his deserved ratio of copyrightroyalty from every transaction, even the uploading peer is another node. 2) System computesand sends the feedback money - "Genetic Repayment" to be the specific bonus for rewardingthe contribution of uploader in this P2P network. Meanwhile, 3) designing and implementinga feasible business model, to let consumers purchase digital files on Internet, with robustDRM system to be the trusted transaction media, and legally sharing over P2P networks,finally, 4) making a market survey based on Information System Success Factors to analyzethe acceptance of our implementation system.
其他識別: NSC99-2221-E005-094
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