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標題: 細胞自動機與無線射頻在基因條碼資訊系統之建立與應用
Establishment and Application of a Hybrid Information System for Dna Barcode Base on Cellular Automata and RFID
作者: 蔡孟勳
關鍵字: 資訊科學軟體;應用研究
近年來,科技的快速發展,生活逐漸走向e化,電子技術的優勢引起大家的關注。電子辨識技術開始受到廣泛的運用,例如大樓的門禁卡、寵物晶片、以及產品條碼辨識。目前最常用的方法便是條碼,目前世界上的產品種類越來越多,原本的條碼也漸漸不敷使用。在生物資訊的概念中,每種生物的基因密碼(DNA barcode)皆不相同,若能利用細胞自動機演算法的規則快速將其基因密碼轉換成條碼,將不同於現在的條碼由0、1組成,而是改用基因密碼ATGC去做轉換,且轉換後的條碼也將具有唯一性。因此本產學研究計畫,便是將無線射頻技術(Radio Frequency Identification, RFID)與生物資訊相結合,藉由細胞自動機這個演算法將生物的基因密碼轉換成基因條碼,並利用RFID的功能,建置一套基因條碼的轉換系統,將基因密碼(DNA barcode)轉換成基因條碼,並結合後端的基因密碼資料庫,完成一RFID基因條碼辨識系統(利用RFID讀取基因條碼,並與後端資料庫比對,來找出所代表物品之系統)。本產學研究計畫,除了能帶來收益、提升公司商譽之外,其與生物資訊相結合所帶來的經驗,可讓公司能獲得更多元的技術,開拓新的發展方向。

Due to the rapid development of technology, we get an e-life in recent years. E-electronic technology hasaroused public's concern since there are many advantages of it. Electronic identification technology hasbegun to be widely used in our daily life, such as access cards, pet chips, and product identification etc.Barcode is the most common type of electronic identification, but it is will be inadequate if the number ofproduct categories keeps growing. DNA code is a unique genetic marker in an organism. If DNA code isquickly converted into barcode by using the rules of cellular automata algorithm, the barcode will be moreextensively used because the format is genetic codes (ATGC) instead of binary codes. This project will useknowledge of bioinformatics, applying the cellular automata algorithm to convert DNA code into barcode.The purpose of this project is to build a RFID-based DNA barcode system by developing DNA barcodeconversion system, and which will be combined with a back-end DNA code database. This project will helpthe collaboration company to discover new opportunities to enhance company's reputation and increaseprofits. The combination of bioinformatics and manufacturing will also bring the company more experienceof research and design.
其他識別: NSC99-2622-E005-016-CC3
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