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標題: 結合RFID之零售業存貨管理安全監控與線上租賃系統研發
The Research of RFID-Based Retail Inventory Management System and Online Renting System
作者: 陳育毅
關鍵字: 應用研究;RFID;資訊科學軟體, 管理科學;無線射頻辨識;存貨控管;離線授權驗證;數位產權管理;資訊安全;Inventory Control;Delegated Authentication;DRM;Information Security
在這個計畫探討RFID 於零售通路的應用機制,有結合RFID 之零售業存貨管理安全監控應用、結合RFID 之線上租賃應用,目標是希望能規劃出結合RFID 於零售通路的創新運作機制,開創未來的更多可能。研究構想是基於本人今年執行的「行銷通路3.0-結合網路群聚平台虛實通路創新整合商業模式發展之研究計畫」之子計畫「零售通路之RFID 系統安全研究」的研究基礎上,從資訊安全的角度探討有關RFID 應用於零售通路所可能面臨的安全問題,除了最基礎適用於零售通路的驗證、存取控制、防偽、所有權移轉等安全機制需要投入研究,更進一步發展的是結合更多RFID 技術提出新的應用服務,同樣需要相關的安全研究投入,以確保系統運作之機密性、完整性、可用性。一種結合RFID於零售業存貨管理之安全監控應用系統,利用RFID以實施盤點效率更佳、更精確、更安全的存貨監控機制。零售通路必須實施良好的存貨控管才能反應實際上的銷售利潤,本發明提出的存貨監控模式可發揮RFID的快速辨識特性,增加商品盤點的次數與頻率而可以在營業中監控商品的存在狀況。一種結合RFID系統之全新線上影音光碟租賃系統,設計了新型態的影音光碟多次傳租模式,讓消費者多了能夠方便租片與分享的管道,使租賃光碟變得更方便,解決目前線上出租服務中消費者等待光碟寄達的時間成本以及業者付出的郵寄成本,提高影音光碟的租賃流通性。本發明提出的應用於影音光碟之數位產權管理機制是安全方便且合理的,保障了出租光碟內容的安全,目標是達到租賃業者與消費者雙贏的設計。

In this project, we will discuss two types of RFID-based applications for marketplace. The fundamentalobjective of this project is to develop secure mechanisms supporting innovative marketing channel to opennew earning opportunities.Under the consideration of performance, accuracy and security, we will propose a novel RFID-basedretail inventory management system. RFID technology can be applied to automatically inventory control andthe accuracy and performance thus be highly improved. For the regular operation of retail business, theinventory control mechanism is always an important task since the profit control can be easily estimation.With the RFID system, it can verify the genuineness of discs and restrict the playing limit in order toprevent arbitrarily disc playing and copy. Under the consideration of disc renting with more businessopportunities, we will propose a novel online disc renting system inspired by their design. It willappropriately reduce the cost of time that consumers have to wait for discs arriving and the cost of mailingdiscs. Most of all, it can protect the security of the rental discs' contents from arbitrarily accessing and coping.It is not only a reasonable DRM(Digital Right Management) mechanism but also has the features of securityand convenience. And it will be a win-win design for the rental business and the consumers.
其他識別: NSC99-2221-E005-118
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