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dc.description.abstract近端通訊(Near Field Communication,NFC)技術是以無線射頻識別(RFID)技術為基礎並結合互連技術演變而來,可相容於現今的非接觸智能卡(Contactless Smart Card),近幾年隨著行動裝置的普及和智慧型手機的興起,NFC 的技術發展也開始以行動通訊裝置為主。NFC 技術應用的範圍相當廣泛,包含行動商務、驗證識別系統、數據連接、點對點傳輸等。當手機、PDA、數位相機、手錶及電腦等行動裝置或電子產品裝置了NFC 設備,即可通過ID 資料的認證,使電子設備間可進行資料和服務的交換。本計畫在研究如何以Android 系統平台之NFC 手機為媒介進行商品選購,NFC 手機可結合智慧卡中IC 晶片的安全機制以提升交易的安全性與使用的方便性,消費者所購買的商品資料本計畫也將研發隱私保護機制,資料不論在NFC 手機端或系統端都將採用適當的防護機制,本計畫所研究及開發出的NFC 手機購物系統,預期可讓消費者購物變得更加輕鬆、便利和安心。未來隨著軟硬體的發展,將能發展出更加安全及便利的NFC 手機,提供給消費者一個嶄新、方便、安全、快速的行動交易模式。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractNear Field Communication (NFC) technology is based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)technology and evolved by integrating with interconnect technology, which is compatible with currentContactless Smart Card. In recent years, along with the popularity of mobile devices, and the rise of smartphones, NFC technology development is focused primarily on mobile communication devices. Theapplications of NFC technology range widely, including mobile commerce, verification and identificationsystems, data connectivity, and peer-to-peer communication. When the cell phone, PDA, digital cameras,watches, computer products, and such as mobile devices or electronic devices install the NFC device, theycan be certified through the ID information so that electronic devices can exchange data and services. Atpresent it has already been applied in many fields and has developed a wide range of applications. NFCtechnology allows us to integrate the cell phone with the smart card. In addition to increased functionalityof mobile phones, it also increases the convenience of life. This project was to investigate that based onAndroid platform as a medium for NFC mobile phone, how it makes going-out shopping easier,convenient, and saving time. NFC cell phones integrated with security mechanisms of smart card IC chipwill enhance the security of transactions and ease of use. Furthermore, the project will propose a securitymechanism to protect the user privacy. The development of future hardware and software will be able todevelop more safe and convenient NFC mobile phones that are available to consumers to have a new,convenient, safe, fast mobile transaction model.en_US
dc.subject資訊科學軟體, 電信工程zh_TW
dc.titleThe Study and Implementation of Mobile Purchase System with Privacy Protection Using NFC Cell Phonesen_US
dc.typeResearch Reportszh_TW
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