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標題: 植基於支援向量迴歸之影像竄改偵測與還原技術之研究
Image Tamper Proof and Recovery Schemes Based on Support Vector Regression
作者: 蔡垂雄
關鍵字: 資訊科學軟體;應用研究;Image authentication;image tamper detection and recover;fragile watermarking;support vector regression

In recent years, digital images have been widely applied and distributedover Internet for a better way to present digital contents. Due to tamper ondigital images could cause incorrect presentations of messages or contents toconfuse or misunderstand receivers, this project proposes an image tamperdetection and recovery system based on the spatial domain and the frequencydomain to achieve above aims. In the first year, an image tamper detection andrecovery based on spatial correlations is proposed. The trained support vectorregression predicts the pixel-value to embed and detect the watermark bits. TheLSB of each pixel is embedded and extracted the recovery information torecover the tampered areas. In the second year, support vector regression isapplied to the wavelet domain to learn the correlations of wavelet sub-bands.Due to the texture correlations between wavelet sub-bands, the waveletcoefficients of sub-bands are used to be the features for support vectorregression to learn and predict wavelet coefficients for watermark embeddingand extraction. Also, the predicted coefficients are used for recovering thetampered areas. At last, this project proposes an image authentication systembased on the spatial domain and the frequency domain for high detecting rateand high recovered image quality.
其他識別: NSC99-2221-E005-055-MY2
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