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標題: 全腦瘤組織表現圖譜之研究與建構:以台灣腦瘤病人為例
Whole Brain Tumor Tissue Expression Pattern: Cases Study in Taiwan
作者: 蔡孟勳
關鍵字: 應用研究;資訊科學軟體;腦腫瘤;核磁共振影像;邊緣偵測;特徵萃取;免疫組織染色法;組織表現圖譜
「腦腫瘤」指的是一種腦部腫瘤的集合,而這些腦部腫瘤又稱為顱內腫瘤。近年來,為了能夠更快速診斷且治療腦腫瘤,往往需要仰賴醫事技術配合資訊分析技術。而本研究計畫之主要目的在於提出一套應用於MRI影像之顱內種瘤偵測系統及定位之數位影像處理技術,並利用此項技術,結合醫事研究技術,開發出一套屬於本研究專屬之資訊基因地圖,以期望能為往後開發腦腫瘤新治療方法產生極大的助益。本研究計畫預計分為二年完成,在第一年我們預計研發出顱內腫瘤MRI影像之腫瘤偵測影像技術,作為腫瘤辨識之依據;在第二年我們預計提出一套腫瘤生長期之辨識系統,藉由免疫組織染色法觀察蛋白活動情形,以找出各期膠質瘤的特異性標的蛋白表現組合,並決定最能區分各期膠質瘤的標的蛋白,以繪製出組織表現圖譜(Tissue Expression Pattern),便能以此資訊分析技術作為腫瘤分期之依據。本研究計畫預計可提出一套針對顱內種瘤MRI影像之偵測技術,且此技術不易受到影像品質影響,並具有精確的辨識能力,對於日後相關研究將具有不小之參考價值;此外,本研究計畫也將建構一個腦瘤之資訊基因地圖,能夠利用標的蛋白進而辨識腦瘤之生長期,以醫學研究結合資訊技術之方式,為將來腦腫瘤之治療與研究帶來相當的助益。

“Brain Tumor” refers to the set of brain tumors, and also called intracranial tumor. In recent years, in order to diagnose or even cure this disease more quickly, medical instruments and information analysis techniques are used to assist doctors for diagnosis and analysis. The purpose of this project is to develop a digital image technique for tumor detection based on Brain Tumor MRI, and the technique will be further applied to develop an information gene map that can create a great benefit of developing a new brain tumor treatment. This project will be performed for two years. In the first year, we will propose an image processing schema to retrieve and detect tumor form intracranial tumor MRI. In the second year, we will propose a recognition system of tumor's various grades. By using the tissue microarray (TMA) and immunohistochemical staining, we will observe the protein expression profiles in the archival paraffin-embedded tumor and find out some specific protein expression in various grades, then create a “tissue expression pattern”. Due to the relative techniques and researches of Brain Tumor MRI segmentation and recognition are only a few, so this project would propose an image processing technique for brain tumor detection with precise recognizable ability even if the image quality is poor. Besides, this project will also create a brain tumors' information gene map, that using the protein expression to recognize brain tumor of various grades. We hope to integrate with biomedical studies and information technique to create a great benefit of feature research and diagnosis.
其他識別: NSC100-2221-E005-089
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