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標題: 建構一安全的無線感測網路商業應用環境之研究
The Study of Constructing a Secure Business Application Environment for Wireless Sensor Network.
作者: 林詠章
關鍵字: 資訊科學軟體;應用研究

Recently, there is a great quantity of applications in wireless sensor network due to therapid development of sensors, such as cost, capability, microprocessor, and so on. Wirelesssensor networks have a large number of commercial applications, such as: production linequality control, theft prevention, Object Tracking ... and more. In our proposal, we will build asecure business applications in wireless sensor network. First we propose a key managementscheme conclude solving the problem of key distribution and Clustering of sensor nodes, italso proposed a method called multi-user broadcast authentication, which users can roamaround in the sensor network and send queries to the sensor network. Sensor nodes whichreceive the queries can reply with information which users want to know. The messageswhich users send have to be verified by nodes because of the existence of malicious users. Atthe same time, the cost of computation can be minimal. Furthermore, we propose a securevaluating-institution of hierarchical sensor networks. After user passes thelogin-authentication, it can send query to nodes. The node sends the message in broadcastencryption method, and only legitimate users have a way to decrypt the secret information.The valuating-institution we proposed, according the service record to the billing and it canprevent legitimate users to distribute authorized certification to any other user. We willfocus on the wireless sensor network architecture and do in-depth discussion for informationsecurity and the amount of calculating, and ensure that the required computational cost of areasonable range.
其他識別: NSC100-2410-H005-046
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