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標題: 具所有權轉移及隱私權保護之RFID物流資訊協定
The Design of RFID Logistics Management with Ownership Transferring and Privacy Protection
作者: 林詠章
關鍵字: 管理科學;應用研究
無線射頻系統(Radio Frequency Identification,RFID) 經由全世界最大零售商Wal-Mart及美國國防部近幾年極力推展,目前已經是十分熱門的技術並廣泛地被應用於物流管理上。而在物流管理的應用上,RFID 的Tag 在整個供應鏈的運作過程中會經過多次的所有權轉移,然而在所有權轉移的過程中,可能會洩漏一些商業機密,因此如何作有效率且安全的所有權轉移便是在物流及供應鏈管理過程中亟待解決的一個問題。另一方面,由於RFID 是藉著無線電波來收發資料,訊息在傳遞的過程中很容易遭到非有人士擷取,因此如何保護Tag 的資料隱私及使用者或物件的位置隱私也是一個很重要的研究課題。如果要同時保護使用者的資料隱私及位置隱私,那RFID 中Tag 的ID 身分就不能是固定的,否則很容易就被攻擊者追縱進而竊取Tag 中的資料。本研究計畫有兩個主要目的,一為設計一個具所有權轉移的RFID 物流資訊協定,另一個為設計一有具隱私權保護的RFID 物流資訊協定。

With the growth of digital and information technologies, RFID (Radio-FrequencyIDentification) techniques have been applied in several types of applications, such as logisticsand supply-chain management. Furthermore, Wal-mart and the U.S. Department of Defensehave mandated that their top suppliers deploy RFID within the next couple of years.Therefore, RFID has the potential to enhance supply-chain efficiency and reduce costs. AnRFID tag is used for management of goods and its distribution. It is capable of transmitting aunique serial number a distance of up several meters in response to a query from a readingdevice. However, RFID system has some problems in logistics management. If an owner ofan RFID tag gives a object attached to the RFID tag to new owner, he should not be able toread the tag in some secure reasons. Moreover, RFID tags can be read and traced by someone.In order to solve these problems, there are two purposes in this project. One is to develop aprotocol for ownership transferring. The protocol can prevent a previous owner to reading atag after the transfer of ownership. The other is to develop a privacy protection protocol. Itcan protect data privacy and location privacy.
其他識別: NSC97-2410-H005-042
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