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標題: 利用環境同位素探討山區集水區水文生態系統之變異 (II)
Using Environmental Isotopes to Study the Variations of Hydro-Ecosystem in Mountainous Catchment (II)
作者: 彭宗仁
關鍵字: 地球科學類;基礎研究;Stable carbon-hydrogen-oxygen isotopes;碳-氫-氧-氮同位素;營養鹽;河流生態系統;自然災害;人類活動;時空變異;nutrients;river ecosystem;naturalhazard;temporal and spatial variations
本研究擬以二年期分析台灣中部武陵地區雨水與溪水之穩定氫、氧、碳、氮同位素組成 (δDH2O、δ18OH2O、δ15NNO3、δ18O NO3、δ13CDIC),及營養鹽 (PO4-、NO3-)與葉綠素A,以探討自然災害及人為活動對河流生態系所造成之變異和其影響。在時間上,利用不同季節之採樣分析以了解季節性河流生態之差異;同時藉由颱風暴雨或災害事件之發生,探討其對河流生態系統的衝擊性。在空間上,藉由司界蘭溪、七家灣溪及有勝溪三流域之比較,探討不同人類活動程度影響下之生態差異。本計畫將可達成下列之具體目標:1. 建立研究地區雨水及溪水之δDH2O、δ18OH2O 之背景特徵,做為水文事件分析判別之依據。2. 建立溪流生態系統中δ13CDIC 與葉綠素A 及相關營養鹽間之關係。3. 藉由δ15NNO3、δ18O NO3 之分析,鑑別溪水NO3-之來源,評估溪水中營養鹽來源與農業活動之關係。4. 綜合上述同位素及營養鹽之時、空分析結果,探討自然災害事件與人類活動對溪流生態系統之衝擊。

The project is to study the impact and extent of natural hazard and human activity onriver ecosystem in Wuling area, central Taiwan. Sable hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and nitrogenisotopes (δDH2O, δ18OH2O, δ15NNO3, δ18O NO3, δ13CDIC), nutrients (PO4-, NO3-), and chlorophyllA of precipitation and river water samples are planned to analyze for their temporal andspatial variations during two-year period. Background of temporal variation in riverecosystem is to be established by seasonal sampling interval. In addition, post-event (typhoonor other natural hazard) sampling will be performed to study the hazard impaction on riverecosystem. The extent of impaction on river ecosystem due to human activity will be depictedafter comparing the isotope and nutrient characteristics among basins of Sijielanxi,Chichiawan, and Youshengxi. The specific objectives of this project include the following:1. Establish the δDH2O and δ18OH2O characteristics of precipitation and river water in studyarea for the background of identifying the hydrologic event.2. Establish the relationship between δ13CDIC and nutrients/chlorophyll A in river ecosystem.3. Identify the source and transformation of river NO3- by the analyses of δ15NNO3、δ18O NO3 ,and evaluate the relationship between river NO3- source and agriculture.4. Integrate the temporal and spatial results of isotope and nutrient analyses to study theimpact of natural hazard and human activity on river ecosystem.
其他識別: NSC97-2116-M005-001
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