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標題: 漁民組織利用電子商務開拓市場之研究
The Study of Applying Electronic Commerce to Extend Business for Fishery Organizations
作者: 李宗儒
關鍵字: 應用研究;資訊科學軟體, 漁業類
本研究計畫希望幫助漁民組織透過網路行銷新通路, 來吸引消費者注意及實際的購買, 以此來開拓漁產品市場.因而將研擬一套漁民團體進行網路行銷之策略與方法、輔導漁業協會及台中魚市場上網銷售, 並舉辦教育訓練等來輔助完成漁產品新行銷通路之擴展.

The purpose of this research is to develop a new webmarketing channelz for fishery organizations.Therefore, we will develop marketing strategies for fishery associations and wholesale fish markets in Taichung.Also, training courses will be offered to teach employees in fishery organizations to be familiar with the internet techniques and marketing strategies.
其他識別: 90農科-5.1.3-漁-F1(1)
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