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標題: 物理及化學方法調控鳳梨之開花
Physical and Chemical Manipulation of Flowering in Pineapple
作者: 林金和
關鍵字: Ananas comosus;基礎研究;農藝;AVG (aviglycine);chilling;ethylene;natural flowering,pineapple;鳳梨;乙烯;自然開花;AVG;低溫處理;花芽分化
The current research project is undertaken to explore and compare, the relationship betweenpineapple natural flowering; ice or warm water treatment of shoot apex; forcing with calciumcarbide solution or treatment with aviglycine; on time course changes on flower buddifferentiation, ethylene liberation from shoot apex, analysis of the activities of key enzymesinvolved in ethylene formation viz., ACC synthase and ACC oxidase, and its mRNAexpression. The main goal is to manipulate flowering of pineapple through physical agents(cold or warm water) in an organic sense compared with that of chemical induced flowering.The specific items of investigations are:Objectives1. To establish a working protocol for the assessment of ethylene liberation in shoot apexand the basal white region of 「D」leaf derived from pineapple suckers or crown budunder in vivo.2. To investigate the fluctuation in endogenous ethylene levels upon physical treatmentsuch as ice water or warm water (50 °C) on full grown pineapple plants.3. To elucidate the effect of physical treatments (ice or warm water) on the changes inACC synthase and ACC oxidase activities and their relationship with the onset of floralbud induction.4. To study the levels of ACC synthase and ACC oxidase transcript accumulation uponphysical or aviglycine treatment in the pineapple shoot apical meristem during floralinduction.5. To compare the time course changes of flowering bud differentiation between naturaland calcium carbide solution forced flowering or aviglycine treatment in Tainon 17pineapple plants under field conditions.

本研究擬探討並比較鳳梨自然開花、冰水或溫水處理莖頂,以及以電石水催花或Aviglycine 處理延遲開花下其花芽分化之時序;莖頂乙烯生成量之評估;與乙烯產生相關之關鍵酵素ACC synthase 及oxidase 酵素活性表現及mRNA 表現量之消長與開花之關係。期達到人為物理或化學方法調控鳳梨之出果時間,並符合國際間對〝有機〞鳳梨之定義。本計劃具體之研究項目為:1. 鳳梨莖頂乙烯生成量測定方法之建立以為評估各處理誘導或抑制鳳梨開花其內生乙烯釋放量之評估基礎。2. 比較莖頂組織及成熟D 葉基部白色組織經冰水或溫水處理後乙烯量之消長。3. 釐清鳳梨莖頂組織經溫度(冰水或溫水)處理後ACC synthase 及oxidase 兩酵素活性之消長與開花誘導之關係。4. 探討鳳梨莖頂組織經溫度(冰水或溫水)或Aviglycine 處理後其頂端分生組織ACCsynthase 及oxidase mRNA 表現量之消長及其與開花率之相關性。5. 追.與比較自然開花、Aviglycine 處理延遲開花、電石催花及冰水或溫水處理莖頂之植株其花芽分化之時序。
其他識別: NSC95-2313-B005-044-MY3
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