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標題: 利用基因工程延長文心蘭切花瓶插壽命
Vase-Life Improvement of Oncidium Cut Flowers through Genetic Engineering
作者: 林金和
關鍵字: 基礎研究;ACC deaminase;園藝, 生物技術;ACC deaminase;乙烯;文心蘭;基因轉殖;Ethylene;Oncidium;Genetic transformation
文心蘭為台灣一重要之外銷蘭科切花作物,但因其對乙烯敏感性高,導致採收後小花易提早老化凋萎,造成農民之損失(Huang, 1998; Lin et al., 2004)。本研究擬經由基因工程操作來降低文心蘭切花之乙烯生成,而達到延長其瓶插壽命之目的。首先本實驗室已完成由Pseudomonas之菌株PNSL中分離出具有ACC deaminase之基因片段,並且登錄至NCBI資料庫中,登錄為#DQ830987(Maruthasalam et al., 2006)。ACC deaminase為一細菌之酵素,可針對ACC進行分解,產生α-丁酮酸(α-ketobutyric acid)以及氨(ammonia),進而有效阻斷轉殖株內生乙烯之生合成(Klee et al., 1991)。本研究擬分為兩部分:i)利用CaMV 35S 啟動子持續表現ACC deaminase ii)利用Arabidopsis thaliana AP1 (AtAP1) 啟動子使ACC deaminase專一表現於花朵。藉由基因轉殖降低文心蘭乙烯之產生,達到延長瓶插壽命之效。並減低採收後處理成本,對花卉產業有所助益,提高台灣外銷花卉產值。

Oncidium is an important orchid mainly grown for cut flower production in Taiwan especially for export purpose. Oncidium is highly sensitive to ethylene which can promote early senescence of flowers and thereby cause significant post harvest loses to the growers (Huang, 1998; Lin et al., 2004). The major objective of the present project is to reduce the endogenous ethylene levels in Oncidium cut flowers through genetic engineering so as to increase their vase-life (longevity). As a first step toward achieving this goal, from our laboratory, a gene encoding ACC deaminase was isolated from Pseudomonas strain PNSL and the sequence was submitted to NCBI data base under the accession # DQ830987 (Maruthasalam et al., 2006). ACC deaminase is a bacterial enzyme which specifically acts upon 1-aminocyclopropane-1carboxylicacid (ACC) and degrade in to equimolar amounts of α-ketobutyric acid and ammonia thus lowering endogenous ethylene level in transgenic plants (Klee et al., 1991).In this investigation, two strategies will be adapted as follows, i) constitutive expression of ACC deaminase controlled by CaMV 35S promoter and, ii) flower-specific expression of ACC deaminase controlled by Arabidopsis thaliana AP1 (AtAP1) promoter. Thus, the constitutive or flower-specific expression of ACC deaminase in the transgenic Oncidium is expected to reduce ethylene levels and thereby increase the vase-life of cut flowers. This will reduce the cost of post-harvest loses, benefit the floriculture industry, fulfill the customer needs and will ultimately boost the Oncidium cut flower export business in Taiwan.
其他識別: NSC97-2313-B005-020-MY2
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