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標題: 魚市場網路連線視訊拍賣制度之研究開發
A Study of Internet Auction for Wholesale Fish Markets
作者: 李宗儒
關鍵字: 資訊科學軟體, 漁業類;應用研究
There are two main research tasks for internet auction between wholesale fish markets in this project.One is to analyze why suppliers, sellers, and workers in the wholesale fish markets accept or reject the implementation of internet auction for fish.And a bar-code system will be developed for all kinds of fish under this main task.The other main task is to give suggestions about what kind of software and hardware should be added in the wholesale fish markets to improve their process efficiencies.At last, we will provide an action plan which contains the key issues and steps of implementing internet auction for the wholesale fish markets.

本研究主要分為兩大方面針對網路連線拍賣之基礎工作進行相關研究, 一為通路成員間研究: 其研究內容包括管理面的探討, 如: 成員間的拆帳方式、配送模式等.此外, 魚產品如何改變以適合在網路上銷售及如何應用條碼來輔助整體作業效率提昇、資訊流通也是研究範圍.二為魚市場內作業流程的研究: 可從流程管理的角度來讓魚市場內的作業符合電子化的精神, 即提昇內部作業效率、降低成本.最後, 也將提供政府一網路連線拍賣之行動計畫書及建議, 作為日後進行此項建設之參考方向.
其他識別: 90農科-5.1.3-漁-F1(2)
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