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標題: 農地資源規劃利用研究
Agricultural Land Resources Planning and Utilization
作者: 吳清輝
關鍵字: 農業經濟類;應用研究

The amendment of Agricultural Development Act has released the restrictions for the trading of farmlands. The project will propose strategies and actions to follow the changes of the policy, such that the land resources can be conserved while the agriculture development keeps on its prosperous functions to meet the purposes of production, ecology and livelihood. Based on the properties of the agricultural land resources, the project will set up processes to integrate high-resolution information system for classifying the land types, which will be a major step in the new development act. The classification of various agricultural land types needs to be followed up with some compensation and incentives, especially for the prime farmlands, which may be imposed more conditions for the utilization and the transfer of ownership. To improve the function of the agricultural production, this project will review the organization of agricultural production and marketing teams, which already established island wide as major production and marketing forces under current agricultural environment. The project will also study the impacts and then propose new strategies, relevant to the law statutes and management of the teams, providing that the act has been amended. The results may be refereed to the policy maker, and also guide the supporting rules for the promotion of the act.
其他識別: 89科技-1.5-企-61(z)
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