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標題: 建立系統化創業模式:灰關聯分析法與詮釋結構模式之應用
To Establish the Start-Up Business Model by Gra and Ism Approaches.
作者: 李宗儒
關鍵字: 應用研究;工業工程類
The purpose of this research is to establish the “start-up business model”. In the beginning, we will collect the factors which will affect the performance of start-up business by literature review and interview the EMBA students in NCHU. The number of factors should be more than what we think. Therefore, we develope three principles to eliminate the number of factors. Three principles are 1. No common mentioned factor in literature 2. The meaning of factor is not concrete and 3. The characteristics of factors in the same and different levels among hierarchy structure are not independent and dependent, respectively. Then, we will develop questionnaire to ask 100 EMBA students in north, middle and south universities in Taiwan.After the samples are collected, Grey relational Analysis(GRA) will be used to determine the key success factors (KSF) for operating a star-up business. After KSF are determined, Interpretive Structural Model(ISM) will be used to decide the sequences of factors in hierarchy format. When the hierarchy structure is determined, we will host a workshop to discuss the meaning of each level in the hierarchy structure. In the end, we will do comparison study to demonstrate how the “start-up business model” set up by this research can be applied to the real world by tracking the differences between each step in start-up a business in real world and our model.

其他識別: NSC100-2410-H005-037
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