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標題: 闊葉大豆 Glycine tomentella (一條根)根瘤菌之篩選與應用
Screening and application of rhizobia from Glycine tomentella(I-Tiao-Gung)
作者: 譚鎮中
關鍵字: 農業化學類;技術發展;Rhizobia;根瘤菌;一條根;闊葉大豆;I-Tiao-Gung;Glycine tomentella
一條根學名為闊葉大豆 (Glycine tomentella) ,為一民間常用藥材,現今金門農試所積極推廣當地農民種植做為經濟作物。因豆莢小無食用價值,被研究的非常少。然而,一條根具有平肝、健體止盜汗、強壯等功能。常用於治風濕症、抗發炎、強筋骨、壯身體。豆科根瘤菌的應用,可減少化學氮肥之施用,降低過度施用氮肥所造成之環境衝擊。目前關於一條根與根瘤菌之間的資料非常缺乏,因此本研究希望從不同的土壤中篩選出能與一條根共生之根瘤菌,分析這些菌株種類及特性,並進行溫室與田間試驗,篩選出適合接種且固氮能力最佳,並能促進其根部產生藥效成份(如異黃酮類物質)之菌株,期望能藉由根瘤菌的接種減少氮肥施用,並增加其藥效成份。

Glycine tomentella has been used as medical material and was promoted by Kim-men Agriculture Experimental Institute extensively. Rhizobia symbiotically grow with legume can fix dinitrogen from the air and reduce the amount of chemical nitrogen fertilizer. However, studies on the rhizobia which infect Glycine tomentella and form nodules were rare. The purpose of this study is to isolate and characterize the rhizobia from Glycine tomentella grown in different soils. This study will also exam the effect of rhizobia inoculation on the root content of isoflavones which are effective compounds of medical usage.
其他識別: 101農科-8.1.1-糧-Z1(6)
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