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標題: 核心文化心理消費價值分析-華人零售行銷隱喻之紮根理論研究
Core Cultural Psychological Consumption Values- A Grounded Theory of Chinese Retail Marketing Metaphors
作者: 渥頓
關鍵字: 基礎研究;Marketing Metaphor;管理科學;行銷隱喻;華人文化;消費價值;紮根理論;隱喻抽取技術;錄像製作技術;Chinese Culture;Consumption Value;Grounded Theory;ZMET;Videography
Links between consumption and internal values are at the core of understanding consumers. These internal values are far from universal and highly dependent on local culture. This research attempts to uncover the core psychological values important for consumers within a Chinese culture setting that is soon to become the largest consumer cultural segment.The two values, “renao” to “xianjing”, examined in this study are unique to Chinese cultural settings and not well studied or even valued in Western cultural settings. These common retail formats play key roles in Chinese cultural settings, with “renao” often linked to outward public consumption and “xianjing” linked with private consumption. This three-year proposal uses metaphor elicitation techniques and videography to build a descriptive model of internalized values through inductive research. Such a model will open up a large area of research that centers on the native values of Chinese consumers, rather than attempting to impose Western assumptions of modernity on local market settings.The first and second years of the research use deep psychological metaphors through the Zaltman Elicitation Technique, a structured approach that uses photo elicitation in uncovering meaningful metaphors of consumption that are impossible to find through survey approaches due to their unconscious nature, to explore “renao” and then “xianjing” setting these value variables around which emergent categories will be formed. Unconscious metaphors are then uncovered through categorizing results with the software packages XSight and NVivo. In the third year, videography will be employed to record retail locations as well as track consumer behaviors within servicescapes. Through qualitative software, the core attributes of servicescapes will next be drawn out to describe what matches with the emergent categories and their constituent parts from the psychological metaphors for “renao” and “xianjing,” described in the two preceding years. Finally, we will construct an overall model of the detailed retail marketing metaphor attributes.Results of this study will provide references for retailers for better operations, especially international firms. Furthermore, this topic is of great value to top marketing journals due to its theory building and research frame; resulting in SSCI journal output.

瞭解消費者之核心關鍵在於理解消費和內在價值之間的關聯性,而這些內在價值並非全球一致,並且高度依賴於在地文化。華人文化環境將成為最大消費者市場區隔,然而目前有關內在價值之研究大多是針對歐美文化,有關華人文化場景下之內在價值研究鮮少。因此,本研究擬研究發掘在華人文化環境下,消費者視為重要的核心心理價值。過去之研究都以西方文化場景為主,所以華人文化場景下所特有之「熱鬧」和「閑靜」兩個場景價值尚未被研究或重視。「熱鬧」場景與顯而易見的群眾消費有關,而「閑靜」場景則與隱蔽的消費有關。因此,本三期研究採取質的研究方式,第一及第二之研究方法擬將運用隱喻抽取技術,使用相片導引式訪問在消費者無意識的情況下來發掘有意義的消費隱喻,之後,再以質性分析軟體(XSignt 及NVivo)來分類結果,進以發現無意識隱喻;分別於第一來研究發展「熱鬧」消費隱喻,第二研究發展「閑靜」消費隱喻。第三旨在整合模型及發展理論,將使用錄像製作技術實地觀察並錄下零售據點並追蹤各服務場景下之消費行為,然後,使用質性分析軟體來得出各服務場景的核心屬性,俾以比對與先前第一「熱鬧」及第二「閑靜」的心理隱喻類別及組成部份結果。最後,將建構一個華人零售行銷隱喻屬性整體模型。研究結果將可作為零售業者之營運參考。研究者並擬將研究結果撰寫成學術期刊論文以發表於SSCI 等學術期刊,藉以將研究成果與國內外學者、教育人員及研究人員分享。
其他識別: NSC99-2410-H005-036-MY3
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