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標題: 大眾科學素養與科學傳播之研究
Science Communication and Scientific Understanding of the General Public
作者: 魯真
關鍵字: 基礎研究;Science Communication;科學教育;科學傳播;大眾科學素養;訊息溝通;Scientific Understanding of the General Public;Information Communication
In the decision process, information search behavior is an imperative aspect and isconsidered as a common mechanism in various behavioral theorems. A particular rationaleto search information is to diminish unknown risks and uncertainties. Continuousinformation search may not be for instantaneous learning. The motivation can be for thepurpose to accumulate knowledge as a reference for decisions subsequently. Effectivenessof information dissemination is the key to the success of science communication. Improvingthe understanding of science information in the mass media to the general pubic isadvantageous. How science information is searched and learned needs to be evaluated toenhance the information communication effectiveness. The objectives of this research are asfollows.1. To reveal scientific information search patterns of the general public.2. To analyze conceptions and influences of information in science communication.3. To examine how science communication can motivate science learning for the generalpublic.4. To evaluate the linkage of science communication and effectiveness in sciencelearning.The expected contributions of this research are as follows.1. Illustrate the unique characteristics of information market for science communication.2. Provide suggestions for science communication in medium channel selections.3. Strengthen effectiveness of science communication.4. Increase learning interest in science for the general public.

大眾的訊息搜尋行為是決策過程中的一重要層面,且是不同學者所提出的行為模型中共同的機制。搜尋訊息的目的之一為降低未知的風險。大眾採取持續性訊息搜尋並非是為了立即性的學習,其動機可能是為累積更多的知識以作為日後決策的參考。媒體傳播效果常是科學訊息擴散成功與否的關鍵。媒體傳播的目的在於訊息傳遞之外,尚需提昇大眾對於科學內容的認知與暸解。若能明確的加以評估,較能掌握科學訊息之媒體傳播對一般大眾在科學新知學習上的成效。本研究之目的如下:1. 瞭解大眾對科學知識、訊息之搜尋來源及習慣。2. 分析大眾對科學傳播媒體訊息之接收後感知及影響。3. 瞭解媒體對提升大眾科學學習動機的影響。4. 評估科學傳播內容與大眾學習成效。本研究預期貢獻:1. 解析科學傳播之訊息市場受眾特性。2. 提供科學訊息傳播媒介通路選擇之建議。3. 提昇科學訊息之傳播效率。4. 促進大眾對科學訊息之學習興趣。
其他識別: NSC97-2515-S005-003-SC
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