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標題: The Feasibility Study of Promotion Activities in Farmers' Markets with Regional Agricultural Products
作者: 李宗儒
關鍵字: 區域性農產品;Regional Agricultural Products;農產運銷;促銷活動;農夫市集;電子商務;可行性分析;灰關聯分析;其他;Promotion Activities;Farmers' Market;E-Commerce;Feasibility Study;Grey Relational Analysis
The purpose of this research is to study the feasibility of promotion activities in Farmers' markets selling with regional agricultural products. By our definition, there are 10 dimensions to evaluate the feasibility. For example, the management feasibility, technique feasibility. And the promotion activities defined as 12 dimensions in 5 categories.
We will develop 2 questionnaires. One is to determine the key promotion activities by using Gray Relational Calculation. The one who fill the questionnaires belong to 5 different segmented customers. And the other questionnaires is designed to find the reasons why the key promotion activities are not accepted by people.
Also, we will host conference and develop website to promote the result of this research.

此外,本研究將藉由舉行論壇以推廣本計畫的研究結果,並作為推廣農夫市集結合地區性農產品展售上之參考。此外本研究將結合電子商務公司的資源,透過部落客體驗農夫市集,一方面可為農產品進行網路行銷,另一方面可獲得其看法與建議。再者,成立網站作為與消費者溝通的平台,提供未在農夫市集上展售的地區性農產品一個曝光的機會 。
其他識別: 101農科-5.1.2-糧-Z1(2)
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