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標題: Studies on Marketing Channel, Marketing Cost and Consumers' Behavior of Major Imported Agricultural Products
作者: 李皇照
關鍵字: 應用研究;農產運銷
The objectives of this project is to investigate marketing channel, marketing cost and consumers'behavior of major imported agricultural products.The scope of this study will focus on five imported fresh fruits ( Apple, Orange, Peach, Pear and Grape ), five imported fresh vegetables ( Onion, Cabbage, Potato, Broccoli and Celery )and imported fresh cut-flowers in this year.Especially, the project will also investigate the marketing channel and marketing cost of fresh fruits imported from mainland China in Taiwan market.In addition, the study will conduct questionnaire surveys on perception of fruit products attributes, and vegetable consumption behavior.The main works of this study include secondary data collection, sampling, questionnaire design, panel deeply interview, pre-test, data analysis, and research reports writing.The project divide into seven subjects conducted by professional researchers from different universities as follows: ( 1 )A Study on Marketing Channel and Marketing Cost of Imported Apple, Orange, Peach, Peer And Grape.( 2 )A Study on Differences in Consumer Perceptions of Product Attributes between Imported and Domestic Fruits.( 3 )A Study on the Production-Marketing Cooperative Organizations of Importing Temperate Fruits and Their Marketing Strategy in Taiwan.( 4 )A Study on Marketing Channel and Marketing Cost of Mainland China's Fruits in Taiwan Markets.( 5 )A Study on Marketing Channel and Marketing Cost of Imported Onion, Cabbage, Potato, Broccoli, and Celery.( 6 )A Study on Consumers'Behavior of Vegetables Purchasing before and after the Nature Disaster.( 7 )A Study on Marketing Channel and Marketing Strategies of Imported Cut Flower.

本計畫旨在了解和探討進口重要農產品運銷通路、運銷成本與消費者行為, 本度將針對五種果品( 蘋果、橙類、梨、桃和葡萄 ), 五種蔬菜( 洋蔥、甘藍、馬鈴薯、青花菜和芹菜 ), 和鮮切花, 分別探討其進入國內市場後之運銷通路與運銷成本.另外, 也特別針對現行大陸生鮮水果在台灣市場的運銷通路與運銷成本進行探討分析.此外, 將辦理進口果品與國產果品的屬性認知, 以及災害前後蔬菜消費行為變化, 進行消費者問卷調查.本研究主要工作項目包括次級資料搜集, 抽樣、問卷設計、預試調查進行、深度訪談、資料統計分析, 以及研究報告撰寫.為達成研究目標, 本計畫將分七個細項進行, 分別是: ( 1 )進口蘋果、橙類、桃、梨及葡萄之運銷通路與運銷成本研究.( 2 )進口水果與國產水果屬性之消費者認知差異研究.( 3 )進口溫帶水果產銷合作組織與其在台行銷之研究.( 4 )現有大陸生鮮水果在台灣市場運銷通路與運銷成本之研究.( 5 )進口洋蔥、甘藍、馬鈴薯、青花菜與芹菜運銷通路與運銷成本之研究.( 6 )天然災害前後, 蔬菜消費者之消費行為研究.( 7 )進口切花運銷通路與行銷策略之研究.
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