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標題: The Revision of Agricultural Transaction Law:Agricultural Market Transaction Law and Agricultural Wholesale Market Managerial Regulation
作者: 吳明敏
關鍵字: 應用研究;農產運銷, 法律學
由於國內外產銷環境改變快速, 我國的農產品市場交易法和農產品批發市場管理辦法, 有修訂的必要性, 以符合實際需求.本研究將有系統的彙整研究結果和文獻、參考先進國家主流的作法、考量國內的現實環境, 舉辦批發市場問題和相關法條修訂座談會, 對爭議性較大的條文, 將依疊爾慧研究法取得較為一致性的共識.

In light of the rapid changes of agricultural production and marketing environments both in the local and oversea, the revision of Agricultural Market Transaction Law, and Agricultural Wholesale Market Managerial Regulation have become the must in order to meet the real need of the operation.This study is trying to compile the relevant research results and references, consult the mainstream in the developed countries, take local environments into account, hold workshops of wholesale market issue as well as the revision of relevant.The Delphi research method will be adopted to resolve the article and clause of greater view disputation for reaching more consistent option.
其他識別: 90農科-1.6.2-輔-#1(6)
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