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標題: 國產咖啡市場潛力及行銷策略之研究
Market Potential and Marketing Strategy of Domestically Grown Coffee
作者: 渥頓
關鍵字: 農產運銷;應用研究
隨著大中華區喝咖啡的人口大增,瞭解咖啡消費行為,進而了解國產咖啡市場潛力及行銷策略,將有助於拓展國產咖啡在大中華區之銷售。國產咖啡因生產成本較高,無法以價格來與進口咖啡競爭,目前台灣國產咖啡是以「休閒產業」方式來吸引客源,故亟須了解華人咖啡消費行為、消費者對咖啡觀念及價值的認知以便掌握消費需求。然而目前尚缺有關以隱喻誘引技術(ZMET)來探討華人咖啡消費行為、消費者對咖啡觀念及價值的認知過程之文獻,值得研究。本研究擬隱喻誘引技術來探討分析咖啡消費行為並建構華人咖啡消費偏好模型,重要工作項目包括:1.文獻探討及訪談問題情境設計。 2.田野深度訪談研究。 3.編碼及資料分析。 4.華人咖啡消費偏好模型建構。本研究之結果將有助於了解咖啡消費者需求,行為及國產咖啡市場潛力,以利國產咖啡業者掌握準確的行銷策略來滿足消費者之需求。本研究之結果亦將能讓國產咖啡種植者,零售商,咖啡店業者更能掌握市況,以利擴大市佔率進而提升國產咖啡之銷售。

As coffee consumptin population increases in the Greater China Region, understanding coffee consumption behavior and market potential and marketing strategy of domestically grown coffee will help expand sales of domestic coffee in this Region. Since production cost of domestically grown coffee is much higher than that of imported coffee, domestic coffee currently adopts "recreation industry" tactics to attract customers. As a result, the need to understand Chinese coffee consumption behavior, consumers' concept and value recogintion process of coffee in order to understand coffee consumers' needs is urgent. However, there is a lack of literature related to using Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique (ZMET) in exploring Chinese coffee consumption behavior.Therefore, this study will attempt to explore Chinese coffee consumption behavior by using ZMET and construct a Chinese coffee consumption preference model. Important job items of this research include:1. Literature review and scenario design.2. Field in-depth interview.3. Coding and data analysis.4. Constructing a Chinese coffee consumption preference model.Research results will help understand consumers' needs and behavior toward coffee, and in turn market potential of domestically grown coffee. In additon, the results will enable Taiwan coffee growers and resellers employ precise marketing strategy to satisfy consumers' needs. Furthermore, results of the study also can make domestic coffee growers and shops capture the consumption trend in order to capture higher market share.
其他識別: 96農科-5.1.2-糧-Z1(8)
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