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標題: 國內主要農產加工品之市場發展策略及潛力分析
Market Strategy and Potential Research of the Major Agriculture Processing Product in Taiwan
作者: 吳志文
關鍵字: 應用研究;Market Orientation;農產運銷;市場導向;國際行銷策略;市場潛力分析;模糊測度;消費者分析;競爭者分析;International Marketing Straegy;Market Potential Analysis;Fuzzy Measure;Consumer Analysis;Competitor Analysis
為迎接國際化及全球化的衝擊,企業正面臨前所未有的挑戰,企業所面臨的不只是公司技術移轉及機器更新的問題,更重要的公司必須掌握產業海外市場的動態及發展趨勢,但是台灣農產加工品產業市場的資訊建立並不健全,如何整合市場資料,建立海外市場資料庫與支援決策管理系統,提供企業海外市場開發及評估設立據點的可行性,已是刻不容緩的產學合作的課題,Hult, Cravens and Sheth(2001)認為公司必須慎重考慮國際行銷及海外市場開發策略,如此才能增進商業社會生存的機會,他們也認為拒絕改善國際行銷計畫的公司將無法進行全球化的市場競爭,因為了解海外市場情況才可使公司提供更高品質的產品,雖然農產加工品在台灣被視為傳統產業,但是如果能建立產業資料庫,妥善運用行銷計畫,廠商還是可以獲取長期的成功。本計畫之工作目標預期達到下列量化及質化指標:量化指標:計畫績效 分項指標 總計學術成就 國外期刊論文發表數 4篇 國內期刊論文發表數 2篇 國外研討會論文數 4篇 國內研討會論文數 2篇 專著或技術報告數 2篇人才培訓 研究助理培訓人數 3人 碩士培訓人數 3人 博士培訓人數 0人 專業人員培訓數 2人技術與專利 技術移轉 0項 專利權 0項 著作權 1項 資料庫服務 1項 質化指標:1. 透過主要農產加工業資料庫的建立,提供廠商及政府國際行銷管理決策的參考。並提供學術界進行研究的資料來源,亦對農業國際行銷發展之「基礎建設」貢獻良多。2. 透過海外「市場發展策略」及「潛力分析」分析結果,提供廠商擬定國際行銷策略的參考。3. 建立亞太市場農產加工業業狀況資料庫,可望成為廠商及政府的知識管理中心。

A remarkable trend in international trade is the rapid globalization and internationalization of markets for many services and goods. More firms are being force to enter foreign markets as technology transfer and production innovation. Moreover, the company needs to understand the dynamics and trend of a given industry. However, information is not sufficient to integrate market information, build foreign market database and support some business decision. An important international marketing issue is selection of appropriate development strategy and unstand market potential. As Hult, Cravens and Sheth(2001) have suggested, companies that take global marketing seriously are the ones that improve their chances of survival as world economy becomes integrated. They maintain that companies that refuse to take a global view of their marketing efforts may fail in that global competition often leads to better quality products, factors considered for long-term success. Although agriculture is regarded as “traditional industry”, company may achieve long-term success by building adequate industry database and implementing good international plan.The objectives of reseach wish to achieve the following quantitative and qualitative indicators:Quantitative indicator:1. International Journal paper 42. National Journal paper 23. International seminar paper 44. National seminar paper 25. Technical report 26. Human resource development 87. Database service 1Qualitative indicator:1. To build and provide agriculture dabase for supporting management decision of company and government. The databse also provide the researchers for research resources.2. According to the empirical results of market strtaegy and market potential analysis, this provide company to plan international marketing strategy.3.To build the agriculture industry information database, the research will be positioned as " Knowledge Management" center for the agriculture industry.
其他識別: 96農科-5.1.2-糧-Z1(4)
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