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標題: 產銷履歷等驗證通過水產品拓銷模式之研究
The Study of Channel Developments for Fishery Products with Traceability Proof
作者: 李宗儒
關鍵字: 應用研究;Traceability;漁業類, 農產運銷;產銷履歷;萃思方法;漁產品;TRIZ;Fishery Pproduct
本研究將透過分析產銷履歷等驗證通過漁產品之拓銷模式,針對以下三個擬解決問題,分別提出解決方法: 1. 整理產銷履歷等驗證通過漁產品之核心問題,以TRIZ方法提供改善策略,以利擴大國內市佔率; 2. 透過舉辦研討會,教導水產品業者對於做生意的方法與談判技巧; 3. 以「大消費戶」、「餐廳」、「專賣店」、公司、協會等三個或三個以上通路,拓展水產品在都會區的消費市場。另外,透過本研究的進行,可讓政府建立消費者對產銷履歷的熟悉度與信賴,有助於未來台灣水產品銷售品質以及擴大市場佔有率;透過學術舉辦研討會的方式,提供水產品相關產業團體輔導,提升業者在賣出水產品的議價能力;以及保障消費者在不同通路上購買安全的水產品。

The purpose of this paper is to solve the following three problems: 1. To enlarge the market share of fishery products in domestic markets. The method that we will use in this research is TRIZ. 2. To educate the organizations related to fishery industries how to make business and negotiate with the suppliers and customers by hosting conferences. 3. To develop new channels, e.g. restaurants, fishery shops, associations to sell fishery products with traceability proof. By solving these problems to make the fishery products with traceability proof easily sold in the markets. In such a way, we can have safe fishery products for consumers to buy and eat.
其他識別: 97農科-15.4.1-漁-F2(2)
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