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標題: 建置我國糧食安全分級管理及調控機制之研究
The Establishment of Food Security Management and Control Mechanism in the Various Conditions in Taiwan
作者: 吳志文
關鍵字: 應用研究;Food Security;農業經濟類, 農業推廣類;糧食安全;調控機制;台灣稻米;糧食價格;Mechanism;Rice of Taiwan;Food Price

The goals of food security are to make food supply available,popular,stable and sustainable.The government policy not only pay attention to food guantity,but also pursue food stable price and safety. The influential factors of food safety include the instability of food supply, instability of food price, the food reserves and the degree of food consumption. The research proposal first review the food security policy and mechanism of major countries including EU, USA, Japan, Korea and China. Second, the existing food security policy and mechanism in the major countries in the major countries will be evaluated by employing indepth interview method. Finally, we suggest some policy alternatives to Taiwan government for food security issues. The purpose of the research is to understand the management and control of food security in the various conditions in Taiwan. The research results will provide the National Agriculture Council with management national produced rice industry reference and agriculture policy suggestion. In addition, the research will build food security and management database. Therefore, the research is proposed to use literature review and semi-structure indepth interview approach to answer research question. The research will provide the officials, practicians and academicians for decision makers.
其他識別: 98農科-5.1.1-企-Q2(3)
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