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標題: 拓展國產蔬果新興通路之策略規劃
The Strategic Planning for Domestic Fruit and Vegetable in Modern Channels
作者: 李宗儒
關鍵字: 其他;Domestic Fruit and Vegetable;農產運銷;國產蔬果;策略規劃;新興通路;Strategic Planning;Modern Channel
本研究目的旨在發展國產蔬果新興通路之策略規劃,而本文所指之新興通路為網路通路及行動通路二者。藉由評估四種國產蔬果新興路行銷策略模式(1.於Yahoo奇摩或PC home商店街開店2.自行建構網站3. 農業單位扮演供應商角色與現有網站合作, 4.團購、關鍵字、部落客及微網誌行銷等手法之運用),並透過深入訪談與新興通路相關之關係人,如電子商務企業、政府單位及相關領域之大學教授,以產、官、學三個面向來了解各項行銷策略模式的優缺點,並藉以規劃出國產蔬果在網路及行動通路的行銷火網。而藉由設計問卷,並透過Kano分析以萃取出優質部落格的寫作準則,以做為行銷策略模式之發展參考。 本研究將藉由舉辦國產蔬果新興通路策略規劃論壇之方式,向農業相關單位發表研究結果,促使其可做為國產蔬果未來發展新興通路之策略規劃參考。最後,我們會與台北縣農會舉行會議並商討如何將其研究成果加以落實,以免流於單純學術探討而無實質效益。

The purpose of this research is to formulate strategy for fruit and vegetable in modern channels. The modern channels that we defined here are the internet and mobile channels. We will evaluate 4 marketing strategies for domestic fruit and vegetable. They are: 1. to open shops in online shopping street in yahoo or pchome 2. to open shops online 3. to cooperate with online shop owners to serve as the domestic fruit and vegetable suppliers. 4. to use keyword search, group purchasing and weblog to sell fruit and vegetable in modern channels. To interview the EC companies, government officers, and university professors is our approach to understand the advantage and disadvantage of the each marketing strategy. Then, we will propose strategies how to sell fruit and vegetable in internet and mobile channels. Designing questionnaire is necessary in our research to determine the criteria how to write good stories in weblog. Kano method will be the approach that we will use to analyze the questionnaire samples. Hosting workshop is also our way to promote the result of this research to the farmers' associations. In the end of this research, we will have meetings with Taipei county farmers' association to discuss how to implement the result of this research.
其他識別: 100農科-5.1.2-糧-Z1(2)
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