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標題: 全球氣候變遷對水稻生產影響研究
Effect of Global Climate Change to Rice Production
作者: 申雍
關鍵字: 農藝;應用研究
本年度計畫目標包括 1.改善所用溫室內的日射環境, 2.調查水稻生育性狀、產量及米質變化之相關資料, 3.修正水稻生產潛能預估模式.將先清洗溫室之被覆材料, 若入射之日射量仍難以提高, 則計畫更新原有之PC浪板以提高設施內的日射強度.將以臺灣地區目前主要水稻栽培品種( 台農67號與台中秈10號 )為試驗材料, 於可行溫度控制與CO?濃度控制的溫室中, 以盆栽方式栽種水稻.自移植後每星期將調查株高、分蘗數和葉數; 於最大分蘗期和抽穗期測定葉面積; 收穫時調查產量構成要素; 收穫的稻米則進行品質分析.並且記錄溫室內每小時累積之光合作用有效輻射量( PPFD ), 與平均氣溫、濕度、與CO?濃度.本年度提高入射日射量後的試驗結果資料, 將與以前低日射量環境下所獲得之試驗結果合併, 以修正水稻生產潛能預估模式.預期結果包括 1.可得知在氣候變遷環境下, 台農67號與台中秈10號生長型態、生產潛能與稻米品質可能變化的基礎資料.2.利用所研發之水稻生產潛能預估模式, 將可供評估多種氣候變遷情境( scenario )下, 臺灣地區水稻生產可能受到之影響.

Major goals in this year include 1.Improving solar condition in the greenhouse, 2.Making measurements regarding growth characteristics, yield, and grain quality of rice, and 3.Modifying the developed rice yield-estimating model.The roof of the greenhouse will be thoroughly cleaned first.If the incident solar radiation is still low, new cover material will be installation.Pot grown TNG67and TCS10, major rice cultivars grown in Taiwan, will placed in the temperature and CO?concentration controllable greenhouse.Plant height, tiller number, and leaf number will be measured weekly after transplanting.Leaf area will be measured at maximum tillering stage and heading stage.Yield determining factors and grain quality will also be measured at harvest.PPFD, air temperature, RH, and CO?concentration will be measured hourly.Data collected this year will be combined with previous data to modify the developed rice yield-estimating model.Expected results are 1.Obtain basic information regarding the changes of phenology, yield potential, and grain quality of TNG67and TSC10, and 2.The developed rice yield model can be used to evaluate changes of rice yield as influenced by various scenarios of climate change.
其他識別: 90農科-1.4.3-糧-Z1(3)
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