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標題: 長期施用廄糞堆肥對土壤環境品質與作物生產之影響-土壤化學與微生物性質之變遷 (V)
Influence of Long-Term Application of Animal Dung Composts on Soil Environmental Quality and Crop Production:The Change of Soil Chemical and Microbial Properties (V)
作者: 趙震慶
關鍵字: 農業化學類;應用研究
本研究之目的在於評估長期施用大量動物糞堆肥, 包括豬、牛及雞糞到不同土壤環境與作物種類下對土壤生物與化學品質之影響.田間試區設置在台南區農改場斗南與義竹分場及新化畜產試驗所.動物糞堆肥使用量分成兩級( 1.5及3倍作物氮素推荐量 )供為基肥, 另設化肥( 0.5及1.0倍N推荐量 )與對照區.化肥N素推荐量對水稻、甘藍、花生及盤格拉草依次為160、240、40及400kg ha?.欲暸解動物糞堆肥對土壤環境品質之影響, 土樣採取需在作物收穫期, 以供分析表土化學( 包括pH, 有機質及有效性氮等 )與微生物( 包括族群, 短期硝化活性, 脫氮酵素活性及脫氮潛勢等 )性質.田間以土柱法測土壤呼吸與脫氮作用, CO?與N?O濃度以氣液相層析儀測定.微生物生質量依氯仿蒸燻法與基質誘導法測定, 硝化菌, 脫氮菌及銨化菌以最大可能數法測定.由這些數據期能尋求長期施用動物糞堆肥與土壤品質相關較佳的生物與化學指標.

The objectives of this study is to evaluate the influence of amimal dung composts such as cow manure, chiken manure and pig manure to various soil environments under long-term application and various crops on the soil biological and chemical quality.Field experiments were conducted at Tou-nan and Yi-chu branch station of Tainan DAIS; and TLRI in Shin-hua, Tainan.Two application rates of manure ( 1.5and 3fold of N recommendation rate )were applied as basal application to compare with chemical fertilizer and control plots.The N recommendation rate of chemical fertilizer plots were 160, 240, 40kg N ha?for rice, cabbage, peanut and 400kg N ha?for pangola grass, respectivly.In order to detect of animal dung composts on soil environment quality, soil samples take during harvest stage for measurement of soil chemical ( include pH, organic matter and avaible nitrogen )and microbial properties ( include populations, SNA, DEA and DP )in the surface soil.The soil respiration and denitrification in field estimate from gas samples using the soil column techique, the concentration of CO?and N?O detect by GC.The microbial biomass determine using the chloroform fumigation and substrate-induced respiration method.Nitrifier, denitrifier and ammonifier measurment by MPN method.Form those data can to seek better biological and chemical indicaters of soil quality under long-term application of animal dung composts.
其他識別: 90農科-1.5.2-牧-U1(2)
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