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標題: 有機質肥料施用時間對蔬菜硝酸態氮含量之影響
Effect of Timing of Organic Fertilizer Application on Nitrate Content of Vegetables
作者: 譚鎮中
關鍵字: 農業化學類, 園藝;應用研究
有機農業的發展除了為農業之永續經營, 土壤之永續利用, 保護良好之生態環境之外, 栽種健康安全之作物亦為其目的之一.長久以來, 有機栽培作物的NO??一直為大眾所關切.主要原因為NO??常被視為有害人體健康之物質.肥料的超量施用是植體硝酸態氮含量過高的原因之一, 由於有機質肥料的緩效性, 施用有機質肥料或可降低植體硝酸態氮含量.然而, 施用有機質肥料的時間不對或過量, 也可能造成植體中硝酸態氮的累積.目前有關此方面的資料不多.此外, 由於檢測方法( 包括採樣與分析 )之不同, 相關文獻中植體硝酸態氮含量不易比較, 有關此方面之研究報告亦極為零碎.本研究擬就有機栽培作物植體硝酸態氮含量之檢測方法( 包括採樣與分析 )進行研究, 以了解一般常用方法之精準程度, 探討不同採樣部位硝酸態氮含量之變異.並針對有機質肥料施用時間對蔬菜硝酸態氮含量之影響進行研究.以了解有機質肥料施用時間對蔬菜硝酸態氮含量之影響, 尤其可釐清生長後期施用有機質肥料仍有可能使植體硝酸態氮含量增加之問題.結果可做為有機栽培施肥管理之參考依據.

The purpose of organic farming is not only for the sustainability of agricultural ecosystem but also for the production of safe and healthy crops.Nitrate content of the organic farming products has been a serious problem because nitrate was considered hazard to human health.Over fertilization is one of the factors which increases the nitrate content of the vegetables.Organic fertilizer may reduce the plant nitrate content due to its slow releasing characteristics.However the unsuitable amount and the timing of organic fertilizer application may result in high nitrate content of vegetables.In addition the method of determination of plant nitrate has not been standardized.Therefore, the data of different experiments are not comparable because of using different methods.The primary purposes of this study are to evaluate the variation of several methods of nitrate content determination, to standardize the methodology of plant nitrate determination and to investigate the effect of timing of organic fertilization on the nitrate content of vegetables.
其他識別: 90農科-1.1.1-糧-Z4(5)
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