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標題: 永續土壤水分管理系統之建立
The Establishment of Sustainable Soil Moisture Management System
作者: 林正錺
關鍵字: 農業化學類;應用研究
本計畫擬測定台灣農田土壤各代表性土系之壓實度、總體密度與土壤導水度等重要土壤物理性質以建立資料庫, 針對「永續土壤水分管理系統」的管理策略或技術方案之土壤物理性生產限因子進行檢討與分析, 配合電磁感測器之應用, 以修正原有之「土壤管理組」規劃, 並提出永續土壤水分管理系統之方案.目前已初步進行具質地剖面不均勻之耕地土壤水分入滲試驗, 發現壓實性較緊密之土層所位居之深度, 極巨影響水分入滲與排水境況, 並找出一數學函數關係, 然目前仍亟待實際田間試驗之映證, 並提出一經濟有效之措施, 以克服導致耕地排水不良之物理限制因子, 重新設計其土壤內部排水管理策略, 結合理論與實際, 期能更清楚了解影響田間土壤水分傳輸之關鍵因子, 並建立符合效益之永續土壤水分管理系統.

Soil compaction, bulk density and hydraulic conductivity of representative soil series in Taiwan were determined to construct the database for soil moisture management.Cooperated with the application of electromagnetic induction sensor technique, original soil management group was revised.It has been found that the infiltration rate and drainage condition markedly affected by the depth of compact horizon, and an exponential relationship was obtained in laboratory.However, this exponential relationship has not been well proved in field yet.In addition, to overcome the physical limiting factor that leads to drainage poorly, an economic measure was addressed.Combined with theoretical and practical methods, the key factor that influenced water transport in Taiwan farmland soils was attempt to be clarified, and a sustainable soil moisture management system was established.
其他識別: 90農科-1.1.1-糧-ZA(5)
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