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標題: 木瓜輪點病毒鞘蛋白轉基因木瓜之實用評估-轉基因木瓜株系之繁殖及保存
Practical Application of Coat-Protein Transgenic Papaya Resistant to Papaya Ringspot Virus-Maintenance and Propagation of Transgenic Papaya Lines
作者: 楊居成
關鍵字: 園藝, 生物技術;技術發展
本計畫為木瓜輪點病毒蛋白轉基因木瓜之實用評估之一部份, 主要是針對木瓜輪點病毒鞘蛋白轉基因木瓜組織培養苗的生產及保存, 將由中興大學植病系所提供的台農二號轉基因木瓜株系及其與日陞回交的後代所送出的優良株系, 利用組織培養的方式將這些株系進行保存及生產組織培養苗, 以提供後續的相關研究試驗.並且協助植病系挑取未成熟胚, 進行台二、日陞及泰國種親本之基因轉殖作用後之組織培養再生之工作.本計畫的執行之內容, 在組織培養生產方面, 隨時生產轉基因株系及與日陞回交或雜交子代之組織培養苗, 以提供興大、農試所、及其他相關單位所需, 目前至少提供3000棵以上的組織培養苗, 在瓶苗保存方面, 86種經篩選過帶有PRSV-CP基因的轉基因木瓜做妥善保存, 經由組織培養的方式保存, 達到品系種原保存的目的.另外並協助植病系, 如挑胚、繼代培養、基因轉殖之組織培養相關工作.本計畫希望能與興大植病系、農試所園藝系及其他相關單位配合, 隨時隨地提供轉基因組織培養苗.

This project cooperates with Professor Yeh's lab in the department of National Chung Hsing University, as one important part of the major project ”Practical application of coat-protein transgenic papaya resistant to papaya ringspot virus”.The major objectives are directed to maintain and micropropagate the selected CP-transgenic lines of papaya by tissue culture methods, to provide large quantity of CP-transgenic papaya seedlings for greenhouse and field evalutions, and to isolate and culture the premature embryos of papaya varieties Sunrise, Thai, and Tainung No.2for gene transfer.For the production of the CP seedlings, the originally selected R?plants of CP-transgenic papaya lines and the selected hermaphrodite BC?lines with good horticultural properties will be micropropagated by tissue culture for greenhouse and field evalutions needed by other institutes.The selected 86lines of CP transgenic papaya will be maintained continually by tissue culture as standard stocks.Moreover, efforts will also focus on supporting Professor Yeh's lab to provide the suitable explants for papaya transformation, including obtaining of premature embryos of different papaya varieties, induction and culturing of embryogenic tissues, and regeneration of transformed cells.We hope through these efforts, an effective team work will be tightly formed among the department of Plant Pathology of Chung Hsing University, the department of Horticulture of TARI, and other related institutes.In the meantime, our lab will become the stock center for maintenance of the CP-transgenic papaya lines by tissue culture.
其他識別: 90農科-2.1.1-糧-Z1(2)
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