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標題: 嘉南沿海鹽溼地之綠帶植群及其變遷之研究
Greenbelt Changes at the Salt Wetlands in Chianan Coast
作者: 陳明義
關鍵字: 林業類;應用研究
在台灣西南海岸與澎湖地區, 因鹽害、風害、地層下陷等而嚴重影響生活與產業環境.海岸林與綠帶確具過濾鹽霧、防風定砂、綠化美化等功能, 唯在海岸之逆境下, 環境保護林營造不易, 特別是在鹽溼地帶.本研究就海岸生育地環境、植群變遷、適生綠化樹種、紅樹林生理生態特性、生態綠化技術等加以探討, 以供海岸環境林及綠帶營造之參考.預期成果包括: 1.完作台灣西南海岸鹽濕地植群調查.2.探討紅樹林生理生態特性.3.建立海岸環境林營建技術.

In western coast of Taiwan, the environment has been seriously degraded by high salinity and wind.Besides, several thousand hectares of salt fields have been abandoned, and large scale of land have been subsided due to over pumping of groundwater.For environmental protection, indbreaks and greenbelts has to be established.However, the techniques for establishing environmental orests in harsh coast areas have be to studied.Site environment, vegetation succession, adaptable species, ecophysiological characteristics of mangroves, and greenery technique for environmental forests in western coast and Penhoo Island will be studied in this research project.
其他識別: 90農科-1.4.1-林-R1(9)
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